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Working on another creative task is complicated because it always needs a little more work on details than you supposed. Creating an album cover is a thing that you were probably not thinking about when started developing the first melody but thankfully you can use an album cover maker to do this.

When using an album cover maker and creating your album cover the main rule is not to underestimate its meaning – the album cover may be one of the decisive factors that determine if a person wants to listen to your music for the first time. To work on all the mentioned points with consideration you will need a comprehensive album art maker, and VistaCreate offers a great album cover maker to help you nail your artwork.

The main idea of the entire album

The main thing to remember is that the album, whether it is music, a photo album, or a portfolio – is a thing that reflects some idea, one way or another. Depending on the purpose you make this album for, remember that it always has this idea every piece element should remind your listeners or viewers of. 

The same is when they look at the image covering your albums. It is a visual representation of the ideas you wanted to express, so it should correspond to your proper vision but at the same time be understandable to your target audience. Depending on which aspects of features you appreciate more, you can balance the appearance of an album cover and its variations.

The triangle of concept realization

To represent the main idea the best, you should remember a triangle of concept realization. It refers to the aspect we already mentioned. To say more specifically, the points of this principle refer to:

  • your idea – the intention you’ve been creating the album with, and the emotions (associations, thoughts, memories) you wanted to evoke by it;
  • sound and visual ways to express it – if your album has clips to visualize some ideas in action it can be another part of visualization, but the main aspect to ground on is still the sound;
  • visual means to represent it – the album cover that should contain something generalizing and association-building. 

Remember also about the part of a marketing point that an album cover should correspond to – an image is also an eye-catcher. If it’s your first album, it’s the only way to attract the first listeners. 

How to consider all the aspects of an album cover

So, finally – how to express the main point of all the expressions and not forget anything? Remember the following points and add them to your check-list if necessary:

  • keep your idea clear – the main is leading, so make it simple to reveal, even if it’s composite;
  • make some of the most important visual parts stand out – it will help the previous point and make some visual accents to be guided by (especially if you’re going to apply the same visual ideas for album-related merchandising);
  • complete them with the background items and the general setting – they will create the impression of a finished creation and help perceive the entire piece of art correctly;
  • work with the associations – make the elements refer to simple emotions (like sadness, nostalgia, or happiness) and common associations (characteristic of some group of people united by nationality, age, generation, etc.);
  • keep guided by your personal feelings – when you look at the finished work and decide if this will be the final version, call to your personal feelings – and if they’re rejecting this, it’s better to redo everything.

Following these guidelines, you will most probably succeed.

VistaCreate tool – getting started

VistaCreate helps you work easily with the visual content (whatever it is designed for), so it’s simple to start working with the tool:

  1. Follow the link above or go to
  2. Sign up to the platform using the convenient option.
  3. Click Create an Album Cover.
  4. Start editing and modifying.
  5. Download the result when finished.

The best option is to download in the biggest format available. Anyway, there will be a chance to return to the project later as the system saves your progress to the cloud storage. 

If you want to look through the templates and inspire first, go to the Templates page, find the Covers and Headers menu and choose the Album Covers option.

Using VistaCreate, it’s possible to save much time on making mistakes and developing useless pictures finally ruined with large watermarks. Keep it simple and work smoothly with open access to editing and modifying at any moment. Just try VistaCreate now and see the difference!

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