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relaxing weekend

Can you smell it? It’s almost here…the weekend! And who doesn’t love a relaxing weekend, right? It’s the most anticipated part of the week. The moment you count down to all week when you finally have a break from the madness of the school week, when the whole family can stay in their pyjamas until lunch time if they fancy it, and chill with Netflix all afternoon. OK, it’s true we also need to do the laundry, go to the supermarket and take care of the kids who are also home from school and do all that “adulting” stuff. 

No matter how many your tasks are on your weekend to do list, you must never forget to also make time for rest and relaxation. Your body and mind have their limit so give in to the signals they send and take a break. We have compiled here 5 tips to have a relaxing weekend you fully deserve.

Weekend Plan

Without a plan or list of the important tasks that you must accomplish over the weekend, Sunday evening will pop up in a snap leaving you with no actual rest and even more stress than the week before.  List down your top priority tasks (may it be doing the grocery or laundry) and make sure to accomplish them immediately so you’ll have the rest of the weekend to de-stress and have fun.

Get more Zs

The weekend is your chance to hit the Snooze button (so long as you can find a way to divert your sproglets for an extra hour or your kids are old enough to get themselves breakfast!). After a week of inadequate and shallow sleep, it’s time for you to reward yourself with that much-needed snoozefest if you can.  Others may opt to use this time to stay up late and have a bottle of beer (or two, or five!). But according to a Stop Drinking Expert, no alcohol in your system allows the body to have better and undistracted sleep and also improves your blood pressure.  So recharge and rejuvenate your body for the coming week by sleeping rather than drinking.

Expand your literary archive

Flex your brain muscles in a fun way by reading a book. You do not need to finish the entire book, but you may turn a few chapters of your favourite book or the most recent literary masterpiece. Reading expands your literary archive while providing you with a relaxing weekend.

Take out those aprons and cook your meal

Based on a published study in the Journal of Positive Psychology, people who immerse themselves in small, creative tasks such as cooking and baking, feel happier and more relaxed in their daily lives.  The weekend is the perfect time to cook in a more leisurely way when you’re not under pressure to get everything down in nano seconds! Cook yourself your favourite meal or try out a new recipe. Not only do you feel relaxed but you and your family will also be rewarded with a sumptuous meal.

Take short trips

Road trips and vacations are the best way to de-stress after a toxic week. However, this can be challenging if you have a tight budget. Take short trips instead, those that don’t require you to drive 5 hours to reach your destination and those that can fit your budget. A 30-minute drive to the nearest beach or going to your favourite park will soothe those overused brain cells of yours.

Hopefully with these five tips to help you have a relaxing weekend, you will be ready for another week full of challenges, work and mum duties – here’s hoping!

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