5 eye-opening things you need to know about sleep (for those with sleep problems!)

sleep problems

So hands up if you have sleep problems – so getting to sleep, or staying asleep, or getting good quality sleep, or perhaps sleeping at all despite the fact you are SO DAMN TIRED?

Like me! 

Yes those of you who follow my blog know I have tried pretty much everything to fall asleep more easily rather than tossing and turning or laying awake for hours on end at night cursing the fact that sleep doesn’t come sooner, leaving me wondering how and when my body seemed to forget how to fall asleep naturally.

So if you can relate to that experience because you also struggle with sleep issues, today I’m going to share some really interesting snippets of information from the new book and New York Times Best Seller Glow15 by Naomi Whittel  – which is all about unleashing your body’s hidden power to thrive based on Nobel prize-winning research, and how you can harness the power of “Autophagy” (more on what that is later) to help you feel and look amazing again…..and get some sleep too! Heck, if I end up looking like Naomi then sign me up please…. 

sleep problems

Because of my issues with sleep, and because I know so many of you out there have similar issues with sleep, I’m focusing on sharing golden nuggets of information from the Glow to Sleep chapter of the book. So here goes:

Women actually need more sleep

Because our brains are more complicated, according to Loughborough University’s Clinical Sleep Research Unit in Leicestershire. Plus, we are wired to suffer more than men – both emotionally and physically, according to research done at Duke University. Sleep-deprived women are more likely to suffer depression and heart disease and strokes.

 Sleep deprivation disrupts autophagy

Auto-what??! Autophagy is the normal physiological process in the body that deals with destruction of cells in the body –  leading to signs of ageing. This is because autophagy is activated when you sleep. During sleep, autophagy removes the junk and repairs the damage in your cells.

need to know about sleep

We each have unique cycles

…and need to tailor our sleep accordingly to get back in sync with our cellular cleansing cleanup crews so that we wake rested and rejuvenated. For example, there is no statistical reason you need 8 hours of sleep per night – and Dr Breus, The Sleep Doctor (who was interviewed for the book) says many women actually sleep better when they sleep for fewer hours!

Sleep is not about dreaming and zoning out!

Sleep is far from just the time when your mind races with wild images. It’s when your cells repair damage and eliminate toxins, proteins get folded and repaired, and neurons build new connections, all to help recharge your energy, strengthen your brain and rebuild and renew your cells.

Getting a good night’s sleep is all down to your circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythm is your body’s natural timekeeping system that regulates sleep and wakefulness – along with body temperature and hormonal changes – through one-day cycles. For most people, 24 hours is the length of a full cycle – but it can vary and is different for everyone.

Your circadian rhythm helps maintain processes essential to your well-being, but that “orchestra” can often be out of tune. Exposure to light, work schedules or health problems, or even social commitments can all impact your cycle. Also, for most of us, as we age, our circadian rhythm naturally changes. And, most significant, that disruption of your natural cycle also disrupts your autophagy, and subsequently your body’s ability to repair and renew.

So now we are armed with that information, the question is how do we synchronize our sleep and autophagy to get a better’s nights sleep? Well for that my friends, we’ll have to get your mitts on a copy of Glow15 where all will be revealed:

sleep problems

***The above was extracted from Glow15 by Naomi Whittel,  published by Aster, £9.99 and is available to buY from Octopus Books.***


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