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*This post is in collaboration with Desenio

It has to be said, I am not a fan of blank walls. They make me feel sad. I love a wall that looks happy – not naked. And for that, they need artwork on them. That is where buying prints online can be an absolute life saviour, and for that, I’m a firm fan on Desenio.

If you haven’t heard of Desenio, then my dears where have you been? Desenio is THE place to go for getting your mitts on stylish posters and prints online showcasing the latest interior design trends (think Scandi inspired). Everything is incredibly reasonably priced and high quality meaning there really is no excuse to leave your walls looking lonely and forlorn.

Making a few prints into a gallery wall

When we moved into our house, I had a few prints and frames knocking around, and had wanted to start a gallery wall. But four years on, it was still only half completed. This is what it looked like before.

prints online

But thanks to Desenio and their prints online I have finally managed to realise my dream of completing our gallery wall! This is how it looked after with the addition of the following prints: Hepburn Kitty, Dandelion No1, Tom Ford Quote….

I really love the addition of the prints and frames and think they fit so well with the overall theme. Having an theme for a gallery wall is so important – and as you can see, ours is mainly a black and white, vintage style themed.

Here are my top tips for creating a wall gallery:

  • Have a theme/colour scheme but go for a varied mix of prints and frames
  • Work on different levels – things don’t have to all be on the same level. Have some fun and go higgledy piggledy!
  • Maintain a weight balance – be sure to keep things even with not too much on one side of the wall. This goes for both the volume of items used and also the colours used too.
  • Think about layout first – I already knew exactly where I wanted to add in my Desenio prints and frames before I ordered them. I’d been looking at the space for years and so knew what I needed to do. If you’re starting from scratch, then don’t be afraid to rough out a plan to help you visualise it.
  • Only create a wall gallery in a room with enough light to pull one off.

Turning a girl’s bedroom into her own

My daughter recently turned six, and I started to feel like her room needed a little bit more of her identity in it. You know how it is – a child’s room can often be a hodgepodge of elements built upon over the years. I couldn’t help but think that the wall above her bed just looked so sad and empty, and that the addition of a few choice prints could really change that.

Like many a six year old girl, my daughter is obsessed with unicorns and narwhals. The prints online at Desenio didn’t disappoint!

prints online

The prints from Desenio have really helped to pull the room together, and my daughter is over the moon with them, needless to say. The prints we chose are Unicorn Drawing, Narwhal and Look for Rainbows and here they are in place…

Here are my top tips for choosing prints online for your children’s bedroom

  • Keep is simple
  • Honour what they love
  • Think about the overall colour scheme and theme
  • Three is the magic number – there is something about three prints on the wall which looks so great, and makes a good place to start when trying to decide how many to buy for your children’s bedroom!

Do you have some boring walls which could do we being jazzed up with some prints online? Then…..

Use my code “TALYA” to get 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites until midnight 11th of July (UK time). Follow @desenio for more inspiration.
*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration/personalised prints”




  1. The gallery wall seems like a nice idea. I need to make a wall look more interesting at home so might give this a try myself. Love the prints.

  2. Thanks for all the lovely comments on the choices – hope you manage to grab some lovely prints for yourselves with the discount code!

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