How to make a dark room feel brighter

dark room feel brighter

Do you have a room that feels dark no matter what you do with it? Yes, we had one like that – our kitchen. The sun could be shining away outside but inside it would always feel dark dark dark.

If you have one of those rooms that need an injection of light into it, today I’m sharing my my top tips for making a dark room feel brighter.

Upgrade your lighting

There are so many different ways you can use lighting to make a dark room lighter. You can experiment with the use of lamps, or add an extra light feature in the room. Personally, I’m a fan of introducing pendant lights to help offset a dark room. Having said that, interior lighting consists of more than just a central ceiling light, so be creative and mix and match.

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Lighten up the floor

I’m mentioning this first because when we lightened up our kitchen floor by sanding it back and white washing it, the effect was nothing short of miraculous. It really is amazing just how much a light wood flooring brightens up a room. And we have never looked back ever since!

Make use of mirrors

You will have heard this trick many times over, but it’s true. Mirrors really do make a dark room feel brighter. That’s because they reflect back any sunlight coming into the room. The secret here is to hang it opposite the the largest window in a room.

dark room feel brighter

Opt for blinds

Although you may love a curtain, curtains are unfortunately known to be light stealers because they actually absorb light – especially if they are the heavy kind. Instead, opt for light shades or blinds, which will allow light to enter the room.

Trim the trees

If you have a tree obstructing the path of light to your window, then let it be trimmed! We have a neighbour’s tree which may otherwise be known as the light thief. Thankfully it gets trimmed once a year which helps to minimize the amount of light that is obstructed. If you have a tree which is a similar culprit then you know what to do…

Go neutral

It has always been my dream to add colour to our walls. But with a dark ground floor, it’s probably going to remain a dream. To make a dark room feel brighter you need to go with neutral, light colour walls – which will help to reflect the light off the walls, as opposed to absorb it.

dark room feel brighter

Add a skylight

If the room permits, consider adding a skylight. Even a small skylight can make the world of difference. We recently had a set of four consecutive skylights installed in our kitchen and it has absolutely transformed our room. It is now drenched in light 24/7!

Use artwork sparingly

I hear you – you love art. You want artwork on all your walls. But noooo! Having too much artwork on your walls – especially dark artwork – can make your room feel smaller and darker. The more artwork you have on your walls, the more it will absorb the light – rather than reflect it. Back to the point above on mirrors!

I hope you find these tried and tested tips for making a dark room feel brighter useful. These are all strategies we have employed to make our dark ground floor feel a lot lighter, and it’s been amazing how much all of them have added up. We now have a brighter, lighter kitchen and living room which you almost want to hop, skip and jump across!

Do you have room that feels dark and could do with being lightened up? What do you think of these tips above? Do leave a comment and share. And if you enjoyed this post why not check out this one on how to make your home look more expensive than it is.


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