Major interior design mistakes that (almost) everyone makes!

interior design mistakes

Is great to have the budget to re-decorate or completely redesign a room in your home! But many of us put off decorating because we’re worried about making a costly mistake.

So in order to boost your confidence and help you make the right choices when it comes to decorating, we’ve put together a list of the most common interior design mistakes and how you can – hopefully avoid them!

Your furniture

If you’re looking for some inspiration, then check out this website first. Although, it’s hard to judge the scale of furniture when it’s sitting on a vast showroom floor. That’s why homeowners are sometimes shocked to find that the beautiful corner sofa or coffee table they saw in a showroom looks as though it eats up the entire room when it’s sitting in their living room!

The answer is simple: make sure you take measurements of the room and go with the potential size of your new purchase in mind! You could even go a step further and mark the area with tape, just so you can really see what kind of impact the piece will have on the room.

If you fall in love with something whilst out shopping, then find out if it’s available in different sizes, or find out if they have anything of a similar style.

interior design mistakes

Buying the whole set

Continuing from purchasing items, another designer no-no (although some would disagree) is to settle for purchasing furniture in a matching “set,” such as a bedroom suite or matching sofa and love seat. While this may be a shortcut to achieving a coordinated style without much thought, the results tend to have less appeal than a little mixing can provide.

A simple solution would be settling for one major piece and then looking to a different manufacturer for an item that coordinates without perfectly matching, think end tables or side boards/bookcases.

Details you can pick up between different pieces include colour, material (such as the general type of upholstery or a metal finish), tufting or pleats, leg styles, straight versus rounded lines – consider making things match and coordinate that way.

Never making that bold statement

Are beige, cream and those neutral tones really you? One of the biggest things we worry about is making an expensive mistake and the same applies to decorating! What if the colour I choose now, looks awful in 3 months? What if I fall out of love with it? What if it doesn’t go with any new pieces I buy in the future?

The solution? Take a risk once in a while! Rest assured that if you do choose a dramatic wall treatment, you can always layer over it with light and breezy pieces (such as white wall art or neutral-coloured furniture) to tame the look until it feels liveable. And if you ultimately grow tired of it, you can change it someday. And even if you really do fall out of love with it – think of the excellent talking point you’ll have with your guests!

interior design mistakes

Have you made any of these interior design mistakes? I know I have in times gone by! Do share in a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post why not check out this one on choosing the right bed frame for you.

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  1. I have always had problems when buying a furniture. First of all, I do not know anything about interior design. I have a very poor taste in picking up a furniture. Thank you for sharing your tips! They’re very helpful for me!

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