Which type of bed frame is best for you?

type of bed frame

Buying a new type of bed frame can be extremely overwhelming as, nowadays, there is just so much choice. You’re often presented with a great range of colours, materials and heights and it can all be a bit much.

This blog post takes a little look at the what type of bed frame is available on the market and why they will potentially benefit you:


If you’re looking for a minimalist design, then you should probably be looking at wooden beds. There are different types and colours of wood and they  not only look great and have an attractive finish, but they are also super sturdy and barely need replacing.


Think New York luxury loft; if this is the style you want to go for, then a contemporary metal bed frame is the ideal option, and often not too expensive. They come in all sort of patterns, with loads of cool headboards and footboards to accessorise with.

Beware though, they might creak a little bit if you’re a restless sleeper!


If you have a smaller bedroom, and you find that you’re struggling for storage, then look into ottoman beds; bed frames that have a secret location for all those extra pairs of shoes. Not only is it a practical option, but they are often really comfortable too.


When you think of a TV bed base, you may think of pure luxury and indulgence. These beds can be expensive but, if you don’t have room on your wall or on a cabinet to hold the TV, it might be worth the investment.

The only restriction with a TV bed is that you’re unable to go for a bigger TV than what the bed holds. So, when it is time to purchase a new TV, make sure to measure up.


Some may say that the divan bed is old fashioned, however, that doesn’t make them any less of a great option. You can choose between a taller base, if you have back problems and struggle getting up and down, or a shorter base if you want to be able to touch the floor when sitting on the edge. You’re even able to choose whether you want 2 drawers or 4, as well as the type of material you want.

If you are looking for a new bed frame, which type of bed frame do you think would best suit your lifestyle as a parent? Do share in a comment below.

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