A letter to my six year old daughter on your birthday

six year old

To my darling E,

Here’s something you may not know – you bring me joy every single day! Your smile is pure sunshine, your giggles are joyful beyond belief, and your nature so kind and loving. And there are some things I have to say to you here, in this letter to you…my darling six year old daughter.

As I sit here and write this, my heart wants to jump out of my throat at the disbelief that you are turning six. SIX! How did this happen? Why does childhood go so fast? How will you be going to junior school next year?! I can still hear those bleats from you laying naked on my swollen body having entered this world, gasping for new air in your life. Yet here you are, my gorgeous gal and six year old daughter, a beautiful tribute to the pure joy and innocence that childhood should be.

letter to my six year old

If five is supposed to be the golden age of childhood – which it most certainly was for you – I wonder what will come with six? In the last couple of months I’ve seen you edge ever so closer to maturity, thoughtfulness and a warmth and concern that that touches my heart daily.

I guess I didn’t do a bad job after all!

I still marvel at your face – your cheeks are still squidgable but slowing turning more adult like. Your smile beams. You facial expressions leaving us bursting with laughter.

letter to my six year old

The last year has been tough in many ways. First there has been my health battle, which brought out in you the most amazing empathy. The times when mummy has been unwell and had to take to the bed or sofa, and you have fussed around me. Covering me with a blanket, stroking my cheek, singing me songs. I was so proud of you every single time.

And it was through those days when you came home crestfallen from school locking heads with frenemies time and time again. You know what they say…three IS a crowd. But you have come out of it stronger and more resilient than I could ever have hoped for. Like a phoenix from the flames.

letter to my six year old

But the overriding theme is just how independent and capable you have become. You are able to do things I can’t even do time and time again. When other foolish people look on and doubt you, I stand there, smiling to myself inside, knowing that you’ve got this. Knowing that your perseverance will conquer all.

Your reading has improved at rocket speed, and it has been so incredible to see you continuing to flourish in the school environment. Even if your choice of words often leaves us in stitches. Yes you are right, Daddy does have a popular face!

letter to my six year old

It is such an honour being a mum to you

…and while I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for you, I also want to savour every delicious moment of you being you. The girl that lights up a room when she walks in, cares for others, comes out with zany expressions and random outlandish remarks, and is keen as a bean about life.

Thank you for bringing the beauty of motherhood into my life. I know life’s not always full of roses, but whether they are good times or bad times, I love you to the moon and back. So don’t ever stop being you.

Because you – my six year old daughter – are nothing short of amazing. So here’s wishing all the joy and happiness in this world on this, your sixth birthday.

letter to my six year old


  1. What a beautiful little letter to write to your daughter, it’s such a sweet way to help celebrate her turning six. I really hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  2. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. She had a beautiful birthday. She seems to have hit six and grown up almost immediately – still feeling emotional! X

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