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Just recently, my little girl turned 2. Although this age comes with many wonders (you can read about some of the good stuff here)… WOW the experts weren’t lying when they said that the terrible 2s peak at…funnily enough…2 years old.

The phrase “toddlers are like a blender with the top off” comes to mind. She has been an overdrive of demands, whining, and general crazy crazy ass behaviour. I was exhausted. I was exasperated. Nothing was working. Not even any of my suggestions in 10 things to do when a toddler is stressing you out. Not even speaking Toddler-ese. Gah! What was I to do? I need some toddler behaviour tips like, NOW!

Then in desperation, three words tumbled out of my mouth.


Oh thank you my saviour! Silence! Capitulation. Utter utter magic and gorgeousness. Could this really be true? Dare I try it again? I steeled myself and gave it my best shot.


No scooter inside

No playing until after dinner

No eating in the bath

Lunch then naptime

No screaming like a crazy MOFO

Again, and again, and again this magic potion of three simple words stopped my toddler in her tracks. Stopped her whining. Couldn’t even get near a tantrum with a bargepole with this one if you tried.

I don’t know if I’m about to burst my bubble in writing and sharing this with you but I don’t care, I want to share it, I want to shout it loud and proud from the rooftops. I have discovered the most amazing, one strop fits all, magic hocus pocus phrase that will leave a toddler bewitched and under your spell.

Try it now before it expires.

And before I’m once again found crying somewhere in a corner.

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  1. I’ve got a one month away two year old. This tip is the stuff that parental dreams are made of. I’m hoping that my little one is as responsive. So far she is known as a rule breaker but I’m going to try it. Nothing to lose but the last few pieces of my sanity at this point. 🙂

    • Ooooh 60% success rate not bad at all! Think it depends on their mood and general state or stage in progression of meltdown but definitely worth a shot for that 60! My friend tried it on her daughter and it totally bombed haha – all toddlers are different after all x

    • Definitely worth keeping up your sleeve for when the time comes! I think at one they can understand so much of what we say it’s that they just don’t have the ability to respond in a way we can quite understand yet…and when they do…that’s when the struggle of wills begins and this trick may or may not work! x

  2. We havent reached the tantrums as of now but then he has only just turned one, but i am not looking forward to them at all! Thanks for the heads up! Suz x

    • Well all I can say that while the tantrums ARE difficult they are compensated by lots of amazing moments as they grow into their own little person. The saying expect the worst, hope for the best comes to mind and seems to have been quite a good strategy haha. Just need some tricks up your sleeve to negotiate those tricksy times – enjoy the ride! x

  3. Glad I read this, we’re slowly approaching those terrible two’s and I need to bear some advice in mind to get me through it! #advicefromtheheart

  4. I’ll they it later with my 3 year old, but I think he’s too bad to fix now. Earlier I has to squirt him with a mini water pistol to get him to come out of the zone of paddy he was in…urgh, you think it’s bad at 2, then 3 hits. Bring on 18 years old. Hope your truck keeps working !#fromtheheart

  5. You are so very, very lucky! My daughter is 4 and will still cry for half an hour when not given what she feels is an appropriate amount of dessert or made to brush her teeth afterwards. (Which has been the rule since she started eating dessert.) At least she has stopped spitting and kicking. I’m convinced she will be an activist or revolutionary somewhere because she NEVER accepts or submits without a fight. Her life motto is “Never give up! Never surrender!” #fromtheheart

  6. Oh my gosh if only life were that simple Talya! 🙂 Having said that I will still give it a go tomorrow (will it work with a 3 and 6 year old though??) Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  7. I love this post! It highlights two things that I sometimes forget 1) we have the power, not in a creepy greyskull way but in an, actually I’m the mother and I’m in control thank you very much way 2) Kids like rules! And they just don’t know them all yet. Gonna pull this one out a few times this week I’m sure. Thanks so much for linking up #fromtheheart

    • Yup kids like, and need rules! In fact I would go so far as to say they crave them. Big old weirdos that they are. But yes, we have to remember we do have the power, well…most of the time anyway! Good luck with the new linky hon! x

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