An open letter to Instagram: how your algorithm made us fall out of love with you

InstagramOh Instagram, how we loved you…you were the golden child of social media…the one we all adored and held close to our hearts. The free spirited one where everyone truly connected and felt happy.

But then one day, you sold your soul. And then like all others who did, you lost your way. You lost sight of the love and became corrupted by money. You squeezed your users out of sight unless they paid. You held them down under water, and banished them out of sight, pushed them into the darkness, where they could no longer grow. We were silenced.

You banished hashtags – killing engagement, you forced your loving disciples into the fakeness of soul-destroying Instagram pods to try and beat the big bad algorithm wolf. You coaxed us into disillusionment as you picked and chose what we would see, you made us spend hours wondering how we could get the better of the dreaded algorithm….absurd in itself…and we were beaten every time.

How did we get here? Knee high in this bull-s***? This just feels so wrong. Like with all things social media, we’ve been woven into an alternate reality.

Must all great giants fall this way to the force of the commercial? Must you torture us all with your unfair algorithm? Must you make us fall out of love once again when we finally thought we found a keeper?

Pay or be hidden never sat well with anyone so I implore you Instagram – bring back the free spirit, bring back the fun, bring back the friendly and most of all – bring back the free. Bring back where you came from.

Yours, hoping there’s still time for you to change,

Talya xoxo


  1. I totally feel your pain. It is driving me insane that I even have to search for my own friends and I am fed up of seeing the same posts even a week later

  2. I noticed Instagram was different lately but I did not know why. I use to love it too but had fell out of love with it when my likes dropped. I still use lots of hashtags and wonder why they don’t work much.

  3. We wish it would go back to the way it was when we first started. We hate it now, just like Facebook where we have to scroll of ages through ads to find our friends x Its rubbish for engagement too now…

  4. Everyone feels the same way its so sad as Insta is really ine of my favourite platforms but seems to be a lot of effort for little return these days! Great post #coolmumclub

  5. I am a late comer to Instagram and as such have no love for it. My feed is full of posts that are over a week old and I never seem to see posts from the people I interact with on other social media sites.


  6. I am 100% with you in this. I have totally fallen out of love with instagram. It is no longer the platform it once was and the enjoyment has certainly been taken out of it. Oh if only it would go back to how it once was eh! WE can but hope, although I don’t hold out a great deal of it! #coolmumclub

  7. Instagram has a really slow grower for me and I can’t say I’m that keen on it. I try to use loads of hashtags, as everyone recommends to use the maximum, but today I posted something with just two hashtags as I was feeling lazy and it got likes way quicker than a post normally would. Very confusing! Bring back the old algorithm x #coolmumclub

  8. I just want chronological back. The rest I can reluctantly live with (although losing 300 followers in the last 4 months is driving me mad while everyone desperately tries to f/uf. I’d like to be able to see everyone in order, and not tonnes of photos from 2 people from up to 5 days ago because I’ve liked 2 of their photos. Drives me nuts.

  9. Amen! I came to the Insta party late. By the time I got there buzz was gone, the guests were tired and disillusioned and the atmosphere was becoming stale. I often wonder what it would have been like to have been there at the peak of the party fun; I wonder who I might have met, the things we might have shared. I guess we’ll never know. #coolmumclub

  10. Amen Talya! It’s such a shame. I see so many posts from just a handful of people in my feed now and I have to actively search for most of the users who I want to engage with. Also I hate how Instagram limits the reach of your posts despite the number of followers you have. It just seems like really poor game play x #coolmumclub

  11. Here here! Bloody hate my insta feed now. Nothing instant about it. Posts from 3 days ago and random ads of things I don’t want to see. Greedy fb moguls. Grrrr! #coolmumclub

  12. It’s all a big fat pie in the insta-face isn’t it? I don’t see why they can’t just show you the people you follow’s posts, in the order they were posted? And this whole shadow banning thing? WTF?
    I’m glad we can always fast track to our #coolmumclub through our tag – lifesaver!
    Good to be back lovely! xx

  13. Can I just start by saying how refreshing it is to read something written by someone who is clearly intelligent. I love your choice of words, the writing style, the wit, the insight and the important point you put across. SUCH a refreshing read!
    But back to the matter at hand…Instagram. I love reading things that educate me and this definitely did. I knew there had been uproar at Facebook changing its algorithm but wasn’t aware Insta had done so too (makes sense for obvious reasons though). Such an awful same that creative freedom is being suppressed by commercialism. Social media is dominated by rich twats and corporate giants, it’s slowly becoming one big advertising platform. I’ve only really gotten into Insta because of my blog so I’m new to it all but I must say I did feel disappointed. Back in the day, people used to rave about it then when I started using it earlier this year it was anti-climatic. Now I know why!
    Loving your work as always Tayla xx

  14. YES! I feel all of this, I loved instagram but it has changed so much. My followers have stayed the same for months now (with new people following and u following all the time) , I just don’t think accounts can really grow with this new algorithm. I also miss the engagement x #coolmumclub

  15. I can’t be arsed with Instagram anymore…such a shame that greed can ruin such a great concept.

  16. Yep, no growth, the same people on my feed day in day out, with posts from 20 million years ago being shown at the top! I used to post and engage daily, but now I just can’t find the motivation as it’s such a struggle. Where is the fun in that!? Come on Insta, sort it out! #coolmumclub

  17. Totally agree. I barely even bother with my feed now. I search the hashtags communities I like though as you can always find the same groups of people you like to engage with. But if people stop using these too then I can’t see many sticking around. So sad

  18. I loved Instagram up until a couple of months ago. To be honest, the algorithm hasn’t just ruined my own engagement and following, but also I’m tired of seeing the same stuff in my feed. I used to really enjoy just scrolling and seeing whatever was there, unfiltered. Now Instagram is trying to second guess what I want to see, and it’s getting it wrong. #coolmumclub

  19. I must admit, Instagram has never been my favourite, but I think the owners would do well to read this! Sending your post to two of my friends who rely heavily on Instagram to promote their small businesses…we have daily conversations about how to beat the algorithm, ha!! #CoolMumClub

  20. To be honest I was late to the Instagram party and it’s always been a love hate thing. I love the lovely pictures but I HATE the follow/unfollow thing and yep the algorithm which means unless you use a pod or instagram instant you don’t get any interaction. Just annoys me! But I run a # which is fab and I’m so pleased I do run it – it gives us a lot of joy. Just wish I had a bigger following too! #coolmumclub

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