Some of the best Star Wars gifts (that aren’t Baby Yoda)

Star Wars gifts

We’re not that far in 2020 and even though not a single second of that new Star Wars show has been on TV over here (Disney+ doesn’t come to the UK until March 24th) everyone and their nan knows who Baby Yoda is. Anytime I log on to my social accounts, someone will have posted a funny photo of Baby Yoda doing something like holding a cup of tea. But does this mean he features in the best Star Wars gifts around?

While it’s safe to say that everyone is crazy for him, Baby Yoda is a unique example of a loveable character with absolutely no toys at all. There isn’t a teddy bear, figurine or even schoolbag with Baby Yoda on it. It was a big deal in America just before Christmas when children who had seen the Star Wars TV show there wanted a Baby Yoda toy that didn’t exist yet. We got quite lucky on this side of the pond to avoid similar Christmas Star Wars related disappointments, but it doesn’t mean shop shelves aren’t chock-a-block with Star Wars galore; even a little trip to Tesco or Primark will see you find something Star Wars related. 

Separating the wheat from the chaff when you’re looking to buy a Star War gift or present needn’t be hard at all, even if you have never spent a second watching of the films. How can that be? Well, I’ve gone and found some foolproof Star Wars gift ideas that work on kids of all ages, whether that’s 7 or 70. Read on for some of the best Star Wars gifts around:

Star Wars Gift Idea 1: Star Wars Monopoly

May the force be with you until everyone starts fighting over the Community Chest. For families that love a good games night, there’s no beating Monopoly. And there’s no better way to rule the board than with building up your fleets to attack the empire with a cute little Stormtrooper token (that’s the piece you use to move if you didn’t know). 

best Star Wars gifts

Star Wars Gift Idea 2: Your own Millennium Falcon

If Dad is an unabashed Star Wars fan and was just as excited as the kids to see Rise of Skywalker over the Christmas holidays, you can make their jaw drop by giving them a build your own Millennium Falcon kit. The 1:1 Model can come as one big kit or delivered in pieces to build along with every month. When completed, it weighs 24 pounds, to give you an idea of how big it is. The same company also makes replica kits for R2-D2.

Star Wars Gift Idea 3: Star Wars Lightsaber Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

When it comes to the best Star Wars gifts, you’d honestly want to buy these for the name alone. Described as “The Official Jedi Salt and Pepper Grinders Of The Universe” these simple-looking salt and pepper shakers that just so happen to be in the shape of lightsabers. If you know someone who is a Star Wars fan but wouldn’t be too keen on having posters and such up around the house, it’s a quirky little gift.

In fact, there are hundreds of great little Star Wars kitchen accessories online; I’ve seen everything from Darth Vader shaped toasters to Yoda cookie cutters. Oh, and you could complete the look with a lightsaber pizza cutter!

Star Wars Gift Idea 4: Build your own lightsaber

This gift only works if your family is lucky enough to be going on a holiday to Florida this year. Disney World recently opened a mini Star Wars theme park called Galaxy’s Edge. It’s made to look like you’re walking around one of the planets from the films and has everything from rides and cafes to food stalls and workshops.

The most notable of these is a lightsaber workshop where you can build a unique, one of a kind lightsaber. Unlike the cheap plastic ones everyone had growing up, these are made of metal and look the part, with the actual light bit made of plastic so it’s fine to have in your luggage without breaking.

Lucky to be visiting Disney World this year?

If your family is planning a big holiday to Disney World, and there’s a lot of chatter about visiting spots like Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll want to read the nicely titled only guide you’ll ever need to a Walt Disney World vacation.

Have you been searching for the best Star Wars gifts? Perhaps you’ve seen others you’d like to add to this list. Do share in a comment below.

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