The best gifts for four year old boys

gifts for four year old boys

Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday on the horizon, if you know you have a gift to buy for your four-year-old son, then you’ll be fretting about getting something he’ll love. So what are the best gifts for four year old boys?

At four, your son is likely spending his time exploring the world around him, developing his own interests and using imaginative play to entertain himself. There is a world of toys, games and gadgets out there which your son is bound to love, and here we’ve compiled some of the best gift options for you to choose from.

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Something active

At four years old, your son loves freedom, independence and most of all fun, so an active toy is a great way for him to exercise these needs whilst burning off some energy!

When it comes to the best gifts for four year old boys, a bike is an obvious choice – your son will already enjoy the fun of a tricycle, so why not help him make the leap from trike to bike? Not only will this give you a great opportunity to bond with your son whilst teaching him how to ride a bike properly, but it will also open the door to family bike rides going forward!

If a bike is a little beyond your budget, bat and ball games or a basketball hoop can be a great way to keep them active and improve hand-eye coordination.

Something to stimulate their mind

Needless to say, keeping their brain active is just as important as keeping their body active. Lego, Meccano, K’NEX and other kind of building kits can be a great way of your son learning how to solve problems, interpret instructions and most of all create something which he can be proud of. It’s no surprise that these often top the list of best gifts for four year old boys

You can get kits of all shapes and sizes, which not only means that you can choose one that suits what you have to spend, but also there will be one to suit your son’s ability and interests.

Something to harness their creativity

If there is one thing every child has by the bucket load, it’s creativity! At four years old, your son will be looking for new ways to transform his thoughts and imaginative ideas into something real and tangible.

One of the most popular toys on the market nowadays making it also one of the best gifts for four year old boys is Kinetic Sand, which will give your son the same joys as creating something on the beach, but in the comfort of your own home. From simple to intricate designs, Kinetic Sand is popular with kids nowadays as no level of skill is required to enjoy it! The benefit for you is that there are loads of different kits you can choose from to match your budget.

Alternatively, there are loads of different kinds of kits nowadays which will allow your son to design his own backpack, pillow, soft toy or more! All perfect for harnessing his creativity, and giving him something which he can proudly show off.

What would you add to this list of best gifts for four year old boys? Do leave a comment and share.


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