Baby Annabell Brother review

Baby Annabel Brother

I have to say….we kinda missed out on the Baby Annabell craze….that is until we recently received a Baby Annabell Brother for review.


The moment this arrived, my daughter has been absolutely obsessed! She has always loved babies and we had a charity shop acquisition which until recently has been her baby companion but this baby….WOW!…it’s on a totally different level.

Baby Annabell Brother

They really weren’t kidding on the life like functions front. It almost makes my womb want to cry. For those hoping to finish things at two, or three…be warned….this might make you think otherwise!

Because it’s absolutely true – Baby Annabell’s Brother Doll looks and acts just like a real baby boy complete with realistic baby sound effects and cute little movements.

My daughter is absolutely smitten and has been providing round the clock care which is literally her dream come true.

She  couldn’t wait to strip him down, and get that nappy on – which by the way…he can actually wet! – and feed him. He also babbles, gurgles, sucks on his bottle or dummy with real sounds and features realistic mouth movements and my daughter’s absolute favourite part –  he cries real tears.

Baby Annabell Brother

Yes real tears!

The other piece de resistance – other than the cute burps and yawns – is that he falls asleep when he is rocked. Here is my daughter in the process of lovingly rocking him to sleep (excuse the nappies on the floor – hey some things never change lol!)..

Baby Annabell Brother

Which is  utterly adorable.

Although we are not planning on having any more children (although I think my daughter might hope otherwise now!) the way the doll focuses on all the caring and nurturing aspects of being a mummy or daddy makes it ideal for introducing little ones to the idea of a new baby coming along.

The set includes bottle, dummy, bib, nappy and cute pendant and can be purchase from a range of shops including Smyths (£39.99) and Argos (£39.99).

As you can see he has now taken pride of place in our former baby’s high chair which means this baby is here for keeps!Baby Annabell Brother

What do you think of the latest addition to the Baby Annabell family? Do leave a comment and share.

*I received the Baby Annabell Brother for review. All opinions are my own.


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