Top 5 ‘beauty’ hacks every new mum needs to know

beauty hacks

You’re a new mum, and maybe your body is not in the place that you want it to be, and that’s totally ok. A lot of women have been in this position before, and some were not even mothers! Having a baby is normal and our bodies change. It’s important to embrace that time in your life and not worry what people think about you. If you are someone who loses self-confidence when their body changes or you are having problems shedding off that extra baby weight, than these 5 hacks are for you!

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The first beauty hack is to make your own dry shampoo or buy some. My preference being ‘Living Proof Dry Shampoo.’ If you are looking at making your own, I would turn to Pinterest for recipe ideas. If again, you do not have time to make your own- buying some will save you time and it works just as well. It’s always good to have some on hand for those last minute outings that you did not plan for. Being a new mother, you might be busy and therefore did not have time to shower. Oh well, with dry shampoo- you will never know!

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The second hack that every mother should know about is acupuncture, because it can really help with post partum issues . With any problems that you have suffered during pregnancy that is not severe and more self fixing- acupuncture could be your rescue solution. It fixes problems before they even arise. Yes, going for a massage is a must do after pregnancy too!

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The third beauty hack is a hack that you can do at home. Each night before you go to bed- if you do not have time to wake up and do your hair but you know you have to be somewhere early, would be to put your hair in braids. This will prevent you hair from being all frizzy and out of control the next day. Also, coconut oil helps to calm down the elements in your hair and is recommended to use after your shower. You can also check out my hair care tips for busy mums

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The fourth beauty hack that you might be curious about is: semi-permanent makeup. This will save you a whole lot of time in the morning and even in the evenings before you head out somewhere. Semi-permanent makeup is harmless and is an easy procedure to get done. Why not get permanent eyeliner or eyebrows. This will save you from having to do it everyday or whenever you apply makeup.

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The last beauty hack is ‘Coolsculpting’. If you are a busy mother and you do not have time for the gym, this can make up for it. Why waste precious time trying to fight with your body when you can turn to coolsculpting and freeze away that extra baby fat. There’s no more time to have low self-confidence, with this fast and easy procedure that is safe and harmless.

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