Best gifts for a one year old girl

one year old girl

A one year old girl is just learning to do things, and at this point, toys are a great way to keep them occupied and encourage them to explore. Maybe you will be gifting your friend’s or relative’s kid or you could be a parent looking for something special to keep your toddler occupied as they develop their motor skills. Whether you want something that they won’t outgrow until they are 5 or simply want a gift that is functional for their age, there is always something for you. That said, below is a quick guide for the best gifts for a one year old girl.

Art supplies

It’s likely that your one year girl will love to get creative so you may want to consider getting some jumbo crayons and drawing books. Just make sure that whenever they have an art session, they are always supervised. The last thing you want is your child swallowing a crayon, so always be present when they are playing with these. 

Bath toys

Some kids don’t enjoy bath time, and if yours is one of them, but if you are clever than them you can get them to like it. And bath toys are good for keeping them distracted. It is a great way of transforming bath times to be fun, and your baby girl is going to love it more! You probably won’t need many of these, two or three are enough. What’s more, it gives you the time to bond with your kid.


You can never go wrong with a storybook! Well, they won’t read them by themselves, but you can read them to them before bedtime. If you are sleep-training, you probably read to them to get them to sleep. There are plenty of great storybooks that you might be interested in, and the good thing is that you get to use them a few more years.

Push toys

Push toys never go out of fashion. Some are large and the kid might grow up to 5 using it. It could be a small trolley where she can keep her toys and pull them around the house. While most boys use push toys, you will also find cute stuff to gift your one year old girl with!

A first doll

It can be hard to know what is a suitable first doll for a one year old girl. Things to think about include simplicity, whether it is made of safe materials and choking risks. If you are not sure, then the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Learning Doll is a great place to start.

Whether you just want to pamper your little princess or you want them to have a functional collection of items and toys, there are more options than you can exhaust. The importance of toys go beyond just play, the industry trends keep on changing. Even better, go for things that your kid will grow with, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all the toys, but if you can, most of them.

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