Best things to sell on eBay

Best things to sell on eBay

Now that the blog is starting to slow down over the summer, I’ve been taking the opportunity to have a bit of a house clear and shift some of the things knocking around the house which never seem to see the light of day in my quest to make an independent living without having to work a 9-5.

Although usually I donate most items to the local charity shop, with a little more time on my hands I’ve gotten quite into sticking things on eBay to make some extra spending money which will help cover the costs of summer camps and the long summer holidays ahead. Today I thought I’d share with you some of the best things to sell on eBay as per our experiences so far – by the way I’ve only been selling our things on eBay for two weeks and I’ve already made £200 from it..not too shabby!


Because we LOVE reading, our house is overflowing with books – both children’s and adults –  so this was an obvious move. So far I’ve only sold children’s books but I will be trying my luck with adult books soon too.

Home tech

We have a drawer full of home tech and old gadgets which we never use. Old smartphones, security cameras and goodness knows what else. If you don’t know what to do with your old home tech then it’s worth putting it on eBay to see what you can get for it. I’ve heard that larger items like hoovers, speakers and TVs also do well!

Best things to sell on eBay


I had a lot of jewellery which I just didn’t get a chance to wear. For the cheaper stuff I batched it up and sold it as consignments. They went like hotcakes!

Beauty products

I have a ridiculous under bed drawer full of beauty products I just don’t use – many of them accumulated samples and some full size ones that I have never opened. These have been great to shift on eBay also!

Best things to sell on eBay


I’ve had a number of collector items and ornaments passed on to me from my mum which I just don’t have room for in the house and these have been doing well on eBay too.


Although most of our old toys get donated to the local bi-annual Scouts Sale, I’m taking to selling off unused toys and games in-between.

Best things to sell on eBayHome & interiors

Because how many cute pictures, paintings, letter boards and light boxes can you have? I have far too many so these have made great sales on eBay too.

A word on postage – whilst postage for smaller items can be covered by Royal Mail for the larger stuff it can start getting expensive. Top tip: when it comes to larger items it’s well worth checking out eBay delivery services on Shiply to see if you can keep the delivery costs down that way making everyone involved a lot happier.

best things to sell on ebay

Have you tried selling your unwanted items on eBay to make a bit of extra cash? Is there anything you would add to this list of best things to sell on eBay? Do leave a comment and share. And if you found this post useful why not check out this one on packed full of tips for selling your stuff online.


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  1. I really need to get my act together and get things listed on eBay! At this point, it’s either that, or swap my house with a pregnant lady! My house is full of baby things and no baby in sight!!

  2. This has inspired me to have a clear out and list somestuff on eBay. I have a junk room full of toys and clothes that don’t fit my twins anymore!

  3. I’ve dabbled in selling a few bits on eBay in the past but never really stuck to it. It’s good to know what sells well on eBay because sometimes it can be a bit disheartening otherwise.
    As a larger lady I’ve found that as I’m loosing weight I sell on a lot of my old plus size clothing and that sells really well too x

  4. I’ve never had much luck with EBay, no one buys my stuff and I always get out bid at the last minute! Glad you are managing to sell some bits and bobs xx

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