#Bloggerproblems: The real reason why trolls bully

trolls bully

I have been unfortunate in my various hats in life to have to deal with various vitriolic trolls. Sadly we all know that when you are in the public domain as a blogger or otherwise you are “putting yourself out there” to these special kind of human beings….these bull**** bully trolls.

Now here’s the thing, I know there are a host of psychological reasons why trolls bully, and why the online trolls troll in the first place.

However aside from all this high brow thinking…I actually have another reason…and it’s a little bit controversial and a lot simpler.

So let’s do a little show of hands here – how many of you have been trolled before? Then how many of you have actually gone to look up that person on social media thereafter (come on, admit you have!).

I am betting that probably without exception, they actually looked something like this.

trolls bully

Yes that’s right.

They resemble a troll in some way, shape or form.

And there you have it. Trolls may troll because they are sadists, or psychopaths but the real reason is a lot simple – it’s because they actually look like a troll, therefore they are one.

There I’ve just said what everyone is probably thinking. Cue a plague of trolls on my comments section.

Have you been trolled? And do you find this conclusion to be true? Or do you think this is utter nonsense? Do leave a comment and let me know your thoughts below…

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  1. Trolls horrified me as child but now I also see their loneliness having decayed into bitterness compounded by a desire for power- hence the need to demand a password to let you cross the bridge. I reckon when we enforce better laws to control such bullying, the future generations will look at our Trolls with such appalls. They are going to die out… we allow them far too much control. Interesting piece!

  2. A video of my dad went viral last year with 24million views, it involved my Neice and my little boy, my dad was asleep at Christmas and we pranked him with some cream, My word did the TROLLS come out!! From under EVERY rock they was!! Saying how much of a bully I was and that I’m the worst mother to be doing this around my boy and that I was teaching him disrespect to elders etc, apparently social services should be involved! Not only that, the “your child is ugly and fat and he needs to die” comments started too! It really was awful to read but I couldn’t ignore them I found myself replying back and involving myself in 3am arguments! Since I have been blogging I now know to ignore them but it can be very hard!


  3. Thank you for posting this. I have been absolutely crucified by trolls recently thanks to a certain underwear picture. They’re basically complete morons and I’m not letting them stop me writing or posting what I want. But it does hurt a lot when they say these things to you 🙁 xx #coolmumclub

  4. Haha, that explains it all. Thankfully I haven’t been trolled – yet! Isn’t it cowardly, they would not say the things they say to anyone’s face. I have to say I visualise little plastic dolls with bright coloured hair, like the ones that lined my bedroom window sill as a child. #CoolMumClub

  5. I haven’t been trolled yet, but I’ve read quite a few posts about it. In my opinion only the ones with their own insecurity, problems and issues can bully and judge another. With SM it became even easier, all want to have their 5 min of glory. What goes around comes back around, trust me, the saying is true..They will get what they deserve. #coolmumclub

  6. I’ve never been trolled. Thankfully I’m not that interesting. But I have looked up those who’ve trolled my blogging buddies and it’s their ugly troll souls that shows in their faces. Yuk. #coolmumclub

  7. I’ve never been tried which I’m actually surprised about because I am a bit of an over sharer at times, but I have seen trolls trolling other people on forums that I’m on and you’ve got to feel sorry for them really. It’s quite sad that they have nothing better to do.

    Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub

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