Car exhaust tips: drive better and more efficiently

Unfortunately, many of the motorists you see driving around don’t take sufficient care of their vehicles. Under-inflated tyres, cracked windscreens and even faulty headlamps are not uncommon sights. It is the same all over the county. Of course, all of these issues should be dealt with by frequent servicing if you don’t know how to sort them out yourself. In addition to these common problems, which mean you are less safe on the road, there is the issue of car exhausts. Some people barely notice them at all and only see fumes when they are stuck in heavy traffic. What do you need to know about your car exhaust?

Missing Sections of Exhaust

Most exhausts are modular and have different sections that connect to one another. If you have a section that is missing entirely, then it could mean poisonous gases are being released too close to the car’s inhabitants which you do not want to breathe in. If a section of exhaust drops off as you drive over a bump or two, then this can damage your tyres and lead to an accident. Helpfully, you can get exhaust fitting for your car within Dewsbury from Ossett Tyre House where such issues are put right for you. 

Poorly Fitting Exhausts

An exhaust connects the engine – where all of the noxious gases are produced – to the car’s catalytic converter and the pipe outlet where the gas can condense and be released without corroding the rest of your car. If yours is ill-fitting, then it will rattle around. What’s worse, is that this means the heavy metals should be controlling are leaking out on the underside of your car. That can corrode important other parts which could impact negatively on your road handling especially when driving in high traffic areas. To remain safe, your exhaust fitting must ensure all of the elements connect perfectly together.

When was the last time you had your car exhaust checked out?

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