Here comes the end of Year 1

end of year 1

I can’t quite believe it…how did we get here? Yet again, another year has gone in a blink of an eye. It feels like only yesterday when she stood there shiny and proud in her new uniform, ready to start school. Yet here comes the end of Year 1.

This is what we have been preparing for the whole school year – obviously!

But that didn’t stop my heart almost jumping out of my mouth

When my daughter told me she had met her Year 2 teacher today, found out her new class name and number, and even made a heart for her clothes peg.

It was as if someone had kicked me in the stomach. Ridiculous I know!

Although of course I am beyond proud and excited for her, it doesn’t lessen the emotional wrench of your child waving behind yet another school year. And of getting ever closer to progressing to Junior School. At which point I will probably be sobbing uncontrollably, in an emotional mess on the floor.

Just like starting nursery, and then school, every milestone is so bitter sweet.

Yes, I am joyful that she has learnt to read up to turquoise, construct sentences and stories, skip with the best of them. Of course I am over the moon that she can now write her own stories, design her own posters, and that she uses her knowledge to compose heart-melting love letters to me.

And yes I am thrilled that she has learnt more than I ever could at the same age on all things science, history, geography and the world. And that above all she has become one awesome independent small human. I am also hugely relieved that she has also grown responsible enough not to lose the class “pet” – PHEW!

But I am also mourning the end of another school year

As my baby continues to grow up so fast. Time hurtles on as we hold on for dear life. And with the progressing of every school year, we step back and marvel a little more, wondering where all that soft baby hair went, and celebrating how far we’ve come.

The last day of the school year is hurtling towards at breakneck speed. And with it a summer of fun and freedom awaits. After all that comes the beginning of an exciting new chapter….where Year 2 awaits.

But for now, I will remain in denial

…for the rest of July and all of August that my baby is going to be starting Year 2….until we reach the school gates for back to school in September. I’ll try my best to swallow that gigantic lump in my throat and will try even harder not to fall apart at the seams with emotion.

Do you feel the same way every time your children go up a year at school? Maybe you’re also facing the end of Year 1? Do leave a comment and share.


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  1. The time absolutely flies by, my eldest is 15 next week crazily and my ‘baby’ is 13 now and it only feels like a short while ago they were babies.

    Stevie x

  2. Today, my son is currently at school taking part in what they call “move-up day”. He will find out his new teacher for next year and then spend the day with that teacher as an introduction to next year. Tonight us parents get to go to school to “meet the teacher”. My son is finishing year 5 this year (where does the time go!), but this day of the academic year is always one of mixed emotions for all of us. Always excited for the holidays to start (my son is not a big fan of school… So VERY excited!!), proud of all my son has achieved and how much he has grown and matured during the year, shocked by how fast the years go by, sad to leave another teacher who we have all as a family become attached to… but excited to take the next step with my son. It seems Motherhood and watching children grow continues to be a roller-coaster of emotions no matter how old they get.

  3. I have found each school year harder to cope with than their birthdays. I accept that they are a year older but I find a school year jump so hard to process.

    It makes me so sad that they are leaving behind one year, learning new things, even down to being in a new class but this year with the end of primary school seems so much worse.

    Good luck to you Mummy but also to your daughter, Year 2 is waiting but first SUMMER! Enjoy x

  4. I swear this year has gone faster than ever! My eldest is about to leave the infants and my youngest finish her first year. I’m all the emotions!

  5. Sounds like we are all a collective hot mess of emotions with every year. Apparently it doesn’t get any easier when they move out or go travelling – sob! x

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