Desperately seeking a cure for snoring

I thought there could be nothing worse than the sleep deprivation caused by a baby waking up every hour in the night. That is until I started being woken up every hour in the night by Mr C snoring!! Hey, at least a baby cries and wakes you up because they need you. Snoring just seems to be painful and torturous without serving one single purpose. And so here I am sitting here, writing this post, desperately seeking a cure for snoring.

I have struggled with my sleep since my daughter was born…and when I do get to sleep I am a VERY light sleeper. Unfortunately it means I hear the foxes “doing it” most nights – ughhhhh! But as Mr C edged towards 40 we were presented with a new challenge – snoring. Apparently men starting to snore in their late 30s is a pretty common phenomenon. But what I want to know is….WHAT IS THE CURE FOR SNORING DEAR GOD? And does it even exist??!

So far, in our search for a cure for snoring we have tried:

  • Sleeping in the same bed with me having to prod and roll him over several times a night
  • Going to sleep in the same room but in separate beds put on opposite sides of the room – meaning I then have to actually get out of bed to prod and roll over
  • Kipping in separate rooms which is joyous but doesn’t feel healthy at all
  • Snoreeze snoring spray – worked for a coupe of nights then stopped working – gah!
  • Snoring pillow – again, worked for a couple of nights then stopped working. Probably because Mr C was so uncomfortable he secretly shoved it to the side whilst sleeping
  • Nasal strips – which again seemed to work for a couple of nights then the success faded…now we’re considering moving onto a nasal dilator.

As you can see we are willing to try everything and anything in the name of finding a cure for snoring and stopping the earthquake-like sounds emanating from Mister C’s nose. The internet is full of pages and pages about potential solutions, but before we go and drop even more cash on new-fangled solutions promising night’s of peace, I want to know this.

Has anyone found a snoring solution that actually works and stays working?

Please tell me immediately if you have found this illusive cure for snoring, and I will love you for ever. I am pretty sure that if we club our heads together and find a resounding success of a solution it will make a lot of people happy. Especially seeing as there are 15 million snorers in the UK alone!

Bloody hell, imagine if we could convert that into green energy!!

Please, please, please leave any amazing insights or golden nuggets of wisdom you have to impart below, before I start running out of matchsticks and find myself one man down.


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  1. Aaaaaarrrgggghhh!!! I am with you on this one! My husband is a terrible snorer – he once kept a whole campsite awake!!! I haven’t got any tips as nothing seems to work but if you find a miracle cure please do let me know!!!

  2. Welcome to my world! My husband is a terrible snorer, and over the years we have tried nose strips, various sprays and other medical methods. I’ve also tried prodding him to make him roll over on his side. None of these worked.
    My solution has been to buy earplugs that I wear at night. I use mouldable silicone earplugs, rather than plastic or foam earplugs, as I find silicone works best at noise blocking, but you should try several different types to find the one that suits you best. Here’s a link to the ones I use.

  3. I feel your pain. My husband snores too, and it’s getting worse with age. I spend half my night prodding him, which only ever works for a few minutes. I basically haven’t had a proper night’s sleep since we met, other than when I’ve been away from him – we’ve been together for 14 years!

  4. I use essential oils – Thyme on their big toe! Plus a diffuser in the bedroom with a respiratory blend which also helps. If anyone is interested let me know as I work with them x

  5. Oh no! Lol. You sound like me. I think it’s generally harder for light sleepers to sleep through noise.. like snoring. It’s not a cure for the snores, but I’ve found that if I’m completely shattered I’m less likely to be woken up from the racket

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