Family holiday flight delayed? How to make a compensation claim

holiday flight delayed

Travelling as a family can be stressful enough when things are going so-called smoothly, but if you’ve ever experienced flight delays as part of a family holiday you will know the sickening feeling when your see the words flash up on the departures board “Your flight has been delayed. Please wait for further information.”

If you’re one of the lucky ones, your flight might have slipped by an hour or two leaving yet more mind-numbing hours spent trapped in the airport. But as so many Ryan Air customers found our recently, you could also be one of the seriously unlucky ones who has a flight cancelled 45 minutes before boarding leaving the dream holiday you saved up for the whole year to make happen dead in the water.  So what can you do when your family holiday flight is delayed? If you’ve suffered a three hour flight delay in the last 6 years, you could be illegible for as much as £540 compensation. Here’s how:

Look for a specialist that can handle the claim for you

Advisers like Flight Delay Claims 4 U can look after your delayed flight claim from start to finish. Although it might be tempting to try and fight for compensation yourself, specialist advisers have invaluable legal expertise through a network of lawyers that have years of experience from numerous successful air travel delay claims. They will apply regulatory passenger rights for delayed flights to retrieve compensation on your behalf as soon as possible.

All you need is the basics

When starting flight delay compensation claims through a third party, the only thing they usually need is a few basic details such as the reason for the flight delay and the date of your flight. Once your case has been assessed and facts have been established, typically a specialist solicitor will be instructedto formally begin the process by submitting a delayed fight compensation letter to the airline concerned.

Look for no win no fee

Nobody wants to pay upfront legal fees on a case they have no idea they’ll win. Look out for  ‘no win, no fee’ policies which signal that all admin and legal procedures will be conducted without charging an upfront fee.

Obtaining compensation

Most delayed plane compensation claims conclude with an out-of-court settlement being agreed between the airline and the claimant – this scenario is ideal as it allows money owed to be retrieved quickly. Claims that have been ignored or rejected by the flight operator will require legal action to be taken by your designated flight delay solicitor and it can take slightly longer to obtain compensation in such situations.

What to do if your flight is delayed?

Additional information can reinforce flight delay claims

Once it becomes apparent that significant flight delays are likely, it is advisable to begin collating information that could potentially be used as evidence of airline liability.

It is important to be aware of how much time has elapsed as well as listening carefully to any announcements made in relation to your flight. It may also be a good idea to request more flight delay information from airline staff in case they can provide more details regarding the situation (note down responses if necessary).

Flight delay vouchers

In the event of a flight delay, food vouchers are available as part of the standard assistance provided for departures running at least 2 hours behind schedule. If these vouchers are not readily available, you have the right to request them from airline staff at the airport.

Keep documentation that could support a potential flight delay claim

Vouchers, tickets, boarding passes and other airline correspondence are all useful documents to have to hand when presenting a claim for late flight compensation. If possible, make an effort to create copies of any documents, in case the original ones get misplaced.

Utilising visual evidence to help claim for delayed flight compensation

Photographs and videos are a good way of compiling a visual record of events. This kind of evidence is particularly valuable in situations where there has been a flight delay due to bad weather – by capturing photographs and video footage of actual conditions, it is sometimes possible to disprove any “extraordinary circumstances” defence that is put forward by the airline responsible for the flight delays.

Have you experienced a flight delay in recent years? Did you know you could seek compensation for delayed flights on a family holiday? Do leave a comment and share.
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  1. This is really informative! Thank you so much. We are taking a long haul flight next year and it’s nice to know there are services that help protect our money if our flight is delayed.

  2. I had no idea! Though we’ve only been abroad once in the past few years I will certainly remember this for the future 🙂

  3. We are usually really lucky as we only take short haul flights but I can remember back as a kids being delayed for hours and sleeping on plastic benches! Thanks for this great advise.

  4. I know all of us don’t what to experience delayed flights since for sure there are already activities booked as well. This is such a great advise and information to take note in case we experience delays on our flights.

  5. Thankfully i’ve never really had a problem myself. I can imagine its a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing. So good tips. We did have to claim for a damaged pushchair once. Somehow we ended up with a better one that cost twice the price so couldn’t complain!

  6. Thanks for this. Some great tips. I wouldn’t think go do anything about gathering evidence so I’ll definitely remember this going forward. Cx

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