Say WHAT?! Funny advice on how to get pregnant

Funny advice on how to get pregnant

Before you get excited, no I’m not writing this post because I’m trying to get pregnant again but regularly readers of my blog will know that we’re done at one child. But a very close friend of mine is trying for the first time, and while discussing pregnancy tips, it made me remember some of the ridiculous advice that crossed my path when we were trying to get pregnant….some of which I even did…eek! So I thought it would be fun to share some of the funny advice some of the parent blogging community had either received or heard in passing because hey! we’ll try anything to get pregnant won’t we?!

Turn your world upside down

Do a headstand after having sex! I was told this by so many people and at one point I remember trying it!! – Five Little Doves  

Power up your sperm

Get your partner to take zinc for optimum sperm health! – My Family Fever 

Make it a morning glory

Have sex in the morning as that’s when sperm is at its most active – apparently!! – Twinderelmo 

Be still as a statue

Don’t love after, stay as still as you can and keep a towel between your legs so nothing comes out. – The Mum Diaries 

Have a cold splash

My friend was told by showering his balls in cold water it’d help them worked allegedly! – Mum Muddling Through 

Anything goes!

My mother told us that my husband should only drink black coffee, wear loose boxer shorts, and to only have sex on a full moon if we wanted a boy. – Isand Living 365

Well I don’t know about you but some of these definitely sound like old wives tales to me but others….well….anything’s worth a try right? Er…..or is it? What strange  advice did you receive or hear for getting pregnant? Do share in a comment below.

Pregnancy & motherhood: Funny advice on how to get pregnant

Disclaimer: I have no idea whether any of the above works but sharing it purely for the entertainment value!

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  1. Hilarious! But when I was trying for my second, and had been for over a year, I did used to put my legs up on the wall after doing the deed! It worked! haha

  2. Hahaha this is fantastic. Some of these are so funny. My favourite one of these has to be the “showering his balls in cold water”. I don’t know if it would work or not but I’d try to get the other half to do it anyway, purely for my entertainment haha

  3. Ha ha I have heard of a few of these, and tried them out as well :). Never sure if they work but anything is worth a try when you are trying x

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