Getting back to work after maternity leave

If you’ve taken a period of time off work to have a baby, the prospect of heading back can be a little daunting. First and foremost when going back to work after maternity leave, you may feel worried about leaving your little one in the care of someone else when you pick up your work baton again.

You may not have had any period of time away from them – especially not eight hours, five days a week. Next, you may find that when you return, the business has changed dramatically during your time off. There might be new faces, certain faces might have left. Business operating procedures and protocol might have changed especially due to Covid-19. Finally, you may feel that you’re a little out of touch with your role now.

Cover might have come in to take over your responsibilities while you’ve been away and they might have changed the way things are done or their approach to your work may be pretty different to yours. Whatever the worries you’re facing, it’s good to know that there are ways to comfort yourself and make yourself more comfortable with when you head back to work after maternity leave. Here are some suggestions that could make you happier with getting back to it!

Find reliable childcare

The thing that is likely to ease your worries the most is to find reliable childcare. This way, you won’t have the extra burden of worrying that your childcare might drop out last minute and make you miss work and that your little one will be in safe hands. If you have family members who can help out, this might not be so much of a worry. But if you are using professional services, feel free to ask for reviews, recommendations and comments from other parents. This will give you confidence.

Consider whether you’re looking forward to heading back to work after maternity leave

Is there any element of your job that you’re looking forward to getting back to? If not, it might be time for a change. A reluctance to return to work at all could show that your job just isn’t the career you really want. Consider whether retraining for a different role could be a good idea for you? A return to education and studying with an institution like Suffolk Online could give you the skills you need to apply for a role you’re more interested in. Alternatively, if you like the role you have but aren’t so fond of the company you’re working for, start browsing the job market and look for a similar position but within a company you’d prefer to work for!

Request a phased return

Many workplaces will offer a phased return if you request one. This essentially sees you ease back into your old working routine. You may start out by popping into the office and catching up with your colleagues. You might then do one day for a week. Then two days for the next week. Then three days for the next week and so on. Alternatively, you might start with shorter days or half days and gradually work your way back to full days.

For sure, getting back to work after maternity leave can be intimidating. But the above steps can make the process a whole lot easier and more comfortable. Wishing you the very best of luck with your transition!


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