Getting healthy food on the table with TEFAL ActiFry


Getting food on the table for your family in this day and age can be enough of a challenge….but then there’s the whole other extra layer of ensuring it’s as healthy as possible too.

But last week I discovered what is going to be my new secret weapon in doing just that – the TEFAL ActiFry.  I was invited along to an event where I would learn just how revolutionary this game changing piece of culinary equipment could be in getting a healthy dinner or lunch on the table.

Our task for the day would be to make Spicy Chicken and Fennel Salad – something which might sound a bit of a task but trust me….is super duper easy peasy and most importantly….healthy! Of course, the part that really interested me as a mum was how on earth we were going to cook chicken drummers in a speedy and healthy way but yes! my word…it is indeed possible. Watch and learn my friends.


The genius behind the ActiFry is that you essentially fry using only 1 spoonful of oil and the piece de resistance for me was it’s smart as anything trilogy of automatic timing, temperature control and stirring, which not only takes pretty much all of the headache of cooking out of it for you, but also really does lead to superb cooking results. But gah! How do you clean a thing like this? No fear – it’s easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe parts plus it’s self contained nature means there’s no oil smells, not even a whiff. A culinary dream come true? Quite possibly.

It’s also hugely versatile as we found out from all the other dishes attendees to the event made – it can cook healthy (yes healthy!!!!) chips, curries, stir-frys, casseroles, fish, spanish omelette and so much more. 


So here’s me going through my own personal journey of discovery with the ActiFry. Simply prepare the ingredients….


Put in your spoon of oil….

Tefal ActiFry

Pop in your ingredients…


Set the timer and leave it to do its thing….


Et voila! 15 minutes later….our chicken was ready. Seriously I could not believe how perfectly cooked these drumsticks were….and TASTY too!

And now for the best bit….just look at the difference in fat between cooking the chicken in the ActiFry and what things could have been….HOLY MOLY!


There are various different models of the ActiFry depending on size and convenience so I know I’ll certainly be making space for one of my own at home. It’s also supported by its very own recipe app for oodles of healthy and convenient cooking inspo and there’s even a Smart model which enables you to Bluetooth in your recipe and let the ActiFry actually cook it as per the instructions set – wowzers. Touted as the #slimmerssecret I think it should also be the #mumssecret too!

Have you tried the ActiFry before? Or does it sound like something you’d like to try? Do leave a comment below and share.

*This is a collaborative post however all opinions are my own. All pictures credited to the wonderful Scandi Mummy


  1. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while now, they look so good! Might have to put it on my birthday list this year 🙂 That chicken sounds delicious x

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