To the person who forgot they were once an innocent child too

innocent child

Dear person who is rolling your eyes at my child,

I know…you’ve come to the pub for a work lunch, or a girly chat; or you’ve got on the plane to escape it all, or perhaps you’re on the train to a job you probably hate and do not need a seemingly crazed child in your face that looks a bit like this…

I feel you, I really do, but here’s the thing….you were once a child too.

You were a beautifully optimistic and boundless creature who wondered at the beauty of the world around them. You were a child full of potential.

You were a gorgeous blank canvas of childhood innocence which knew not the restrains of awkwardness, self- consciousness and indeed…self- control.

You were the jumping little bean who burst into the room/plane/train like you’d been waiting for it your whole life, and who made your delight known at dizzying levels of volume.

Remember that you too used to gulp down the world, incredulous to the vast expanses of space you could run, jump and scream around. You dreamed big, you lived large, and experienced everything like all your senses were alive – for back then, they were.

Remember if we adults enjoyed the world around them as much as children, unpolluted by cynicism and undamaged by being failed, the world would be a much better and happier place, wouldn’t it?

So next you clench your jaws in annoyance at the child who is apparently invading your space remember you were a child once too. And that there is no thing more beautiful and pure than childhood. So let them be little, and remember you were once little too.

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  1. Oh this is so honed because we have all had encounters ‘that’ person rolling their eyes
    children should be children – fun, loud, giggly! I think it’s right to remind people that they were young once, too!!

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