Getting your home ready for Spring with Fantastic Services + #win

Getting your home ready for Spring

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to getting your home ready for Spring. Yes, Spring cleaning and getting the garden (which has been battered to hell over Winter), and all the jazz – sorted.

It’s all very lovely and organised to have well-meaning checklists of the bajillion of things we need to clean, clear and make shiny-brand new again. But who are these people who actually have the time in their lives to do all these things?!! Not me, that’s for sure.

Mums need help!

I often write just how important it is for mums to ask for help, and for me that very much includes outsourcing. My home had become one big dusty, cobwebby, smudgy handprint over the winter months. And as for the garden – gah! It is most definitely where the wild things grow right about now thanks to its cacophony of overgrown half dead shrubbery.

I know I had absolutely no hope in hell of getting my home ready for Spring if it was left down to me alone. But thankfully, help was at hand with Fantastic Services, who offer regular and one-off cleaning, gardening services and a whole other portfolio of mum life-saving home services through their website. Perfect for getting your home ready for Spring!

Spring cleaning sorted

One Friday morning, a team of three came to tackle my Spring cleaning priorities. Read: all the things that haven’t been cleaned in years and had become progressively grubby. I kid you not – these cleaners really know how to clean and attacked my list with military precision.

They scrubbed the walls, shined the hard to reach bits, and pretty much blitzed everything in sight. I practically had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Getting your home ready for Spring

Three clock hours and fifteen labour hours later, my request for a deep clean of our whole house was completed. I came back to find my house absolutely dazzling it was that clean. Even my dusty old candlestick and the little Miss’ shambles of a My Little Pony Castle had been cleaned! And there was not a smudge mark in sight! Every mum’s dream or what? I just had to work out a mastermind plan to stop it getting all grubby again. Ha, in my dreams.

Getting your home ready for Spring

A garden you can be proud of again

The gardening duo didn’t even need to be told what to do. They just took one look at my sloppy looking wind-bedraggled garden…

and got to work making it look all nice, neat, tidy and loved again. Not a rogue leaf was out of sight, no edging was left untrimmed, and everything was superbly cut back and ready to do its splendid Spring thing.

They took all the waste away with them including all the cuttings I had lobbed over the back of the fence because I absolutely hate dealing with garden waste. Four labour hours later I could finally look on at my garden with a sense of pride rather than dread and embarrassment!

Getting your home ready for Spring

How much does it cost?

Hourly rates for one-off domestic cleaning start from £16/per hour, with an extra charge of £16 if you need cleaning products and equipment in the mix. The total price for the cleaning service I had was £256. Rates for the gardening services differ based on whether it’s winter or summer. At the moment, the price for the first hour of gardening starts at £66.00 and every subsequent hour starts from £51. The total price for the gardening service I had was £132, including the disposal of a seven 90-litre green waste bags, which cost £21 (as part of the service two 90-litre green waste bags are taken away free of charge).

Final thoughts

All the staff were so efficient and knew exactly what they were doing, and the service was so professional which made for a refreshing change. If you’re looking to get your home ready for Spring, I would definitely recommend using Fantastic Services to help lighten your domestic load. I’m already planning on using them again! You can contact them for a free quote at their website here.


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  1. Oh wow what a perfect way to kick start spring cleaning – getting on top of the cleaning is something I struggle with, as I have three young children, so it’s these services that really save the day 🙂

  2. My house is pretty clean but my garden needs loads of work. It was horribly overgrown when we moved in 3 years ago, and we are still battling the nettles and brambles. It would be great to get someone in to dig them all up.

  3. My whole house needs a good spring clean! The bathrooms are probably the worst, having 3 boys messing it up as soon as I clean it!

  4. Oh my gosh so much needs doing here! Grass needs cutting and weeds pulling. Windows need cleaning and so do most skirting boards and door frames!

  5. WOW! I have never known of a cleaning company that does inside and out, they have done an amazing job. I wouldn’t want to let anyone back in the house to mess it up again.

  6. This is my dream!!!
    My oven is in desperate need of a good clean but getting on my knees just lately fills me with dread with my arthritis.

  7. What a great idea. Our garden has gotten a bit out of control and could do with some love. It’s hard to enjoy it as much when you go out there and feel guilty about the work that needs doing.

  8. Well – now we have lots of time on our hands and cannot employ anyone to come round to sort out our garden which is in desperate need of attention so we shall just have to do it ourselves!

  9. With a toddler everything . Definitely the back garden as been a bit battered by the weather over the Winter

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