Goa for kids: reasons to plan a family holiday to Goa

family holiday to Goa

Around ten years ago I had one of my most memorable holidays ever – I visited South India, and let me tell you…I fell in love. The sights, the sounds, the colours, the tastes, the general feeling of crazy yet peace, the kindness  of the people. I vowed one day I would return to South India. So here I am –  standing a very different person to who I was back then –  dreaming of a family holiday to India some day. I have heard it can be done – and that a family holiday to Goa could be just the thing we are looking for.  So what exactly makes Goa such a great family holiday destination?

Amazing beaches

Think strings of palm fringed vibey beaches, golden sands, shimmering seas and amazing sunsets.  I’ve heard that Goa offers everything from busy, buzzing beaches with banana boat rides, jetskis and parasailing to more chilled out family friendly, sandy stretches with gentle surf perfect for hours of boogie boarding and sunset boat trips- what better way to spend some quality (and stress-free!) time at the beach and keep the littles amused all day with some mini surf action.

family holiday to Goa


Goa hotels – accommodation to suit every budget

Whether you’re looking for a more wallet friendly all inclusive resort or something a little more luxe, when it comes to Goa hotels, this family friendly part of India has has something to suit everyone no matter what price range they are looking for. Hurrah!

Lots of things to see and do

Waterfalls, dolphin watching, old forts, shopping at flea markets and bazaars, backwater kayaking, snorkelling, monkeys and even a Jungle Book trip where you can stay overnight and spend time with the elephants. You could easily fill your time with outings to one of the many animal sanctuaries that Goa is well known for, spice plantations, national parks and immerse yourself in Goa’s wonderful culture daily.

family holiday to Goa

Fantastic cheap eats

I’ve heard that it is very cheap to eat out in Goa and the food is reportedly excellent. If you’re travelling with fussy eaters they are all catered for with plenty of tourist food fare available for those who aren’t so keen on discovering the scents, spices and flavours of Goa’s classic tantalising cuisine. However, personally the thought of their Goan fish curry is literally making me salivate as I write this!

Amazing discounts all round

One of the best things I’ve heard about a family holiday to Goa is just how much bang you get for your back – flights, hotels, food, trips – your penny just works so much harder meaning you can enjoy a lot more of what Goa has to offer without breaking the bank. Super economical here we come!

So with all that said, get me to Goa! A great place for a family holiday to capture your heart and mind, and leave you wanting to come back for more….and more.

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