Top 5 active family holiday ideas

active family holiday
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Family holidays are all about adventure. While lounging on the beach and indulging in some much-needed rest is definitely on the menu, the opportunity to enjoy some unforgettable experiences and create treasured memories is too good to pass up. With the whole family gathered and eager to explore new and interesting things, it’s important to pick a destination that will let you feel that wonder of adventure and get lost in a different culture. Exciting things to see, fun places to go to, and a splendid, well-rounded experience for everyone involved – take a look at our favourite holiday destinations and start planning a marvellous trip!


This beautiful Scandinavian land is full of gorgeous fjords and places of unspoiled countryside that will appeal to your senses and let your children enjoy some fresh air as they play. Far from having only peaceful greenery, Norway offers some truly exciting things that families can enjoy, like sailboat tours of the fjords, hikes up Trollstigen, and a lot of scenic highways where tourists can pause in certain spots, make a picnic, and enjoy the spectacular views. If you go in winter, you’ll be able to enjoy riding around on dog sleds, go ice-fishing in Tromso, or learn how to ski at one of the many resorts.

active family holiday

Another great reason to visit Norway with kids is, well, it’s basically the land of the Vikings. Children will immediately get hooked on the idea, and you can take them to the Lofotr Viking Museum to see what a Viking longhouse used to look like. There is also the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, which is possibly even more spectacular because you will get to see the famed boatmanship at its finest.


A country that has nice weather for the most part of the year, and also a fairly inexpensive place to visit. Take a walk along the Valetta fortifications and look at the fascinating architecture as you listen about the cool battles that happened there, and then go on a Grand Harbour boat tour to take in some great views and enjoy the colourful little ferries all around you. The Malta War Museum is also popular with kids, but there are also plenty of great beaches that will let you relax for a while and enjoy swimming in the cool waters. There is also the Marine Park, the Playmobil Park, and the ever-fun Popeye Village that is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island.

Camino de Santiago

Also known as the Way of St. James, this is a pilgrim’s route that ends at a little town in Spain called Santiago de Compostela. It’s a popular trail that is walked by many every year, and it’s an absolute perfect choice if you want an active and fun-filled family holiday. There are many Camino de Santiago routes that you can take, with starting points in both Spain and France. While the French Way is the most well-known one, it can take a very long time to walk, so starting at a section in Arzua could be a good idea if you are worried about the little ones. Full of splendorous sights and gorgeous resting places along the way, you will enjoy visiting the charming little villages and meeting the friendly locals. From Pamplona to O Cebreiro, there are cafes, cobbled streets, excellent taverns with delicious food, and plenty of adventure to give you a truly unforgettable experience.


Iceland is one of those really great places that often get overlooked, but are actually so incredibly gorgeous that the whole country takes your breath away no matter where you turn. It’s no wonder that a part of “A Game of Thrones” was filmed there. You can start off the trip by relaxing at the famous Blue Lagoon and let your kids splash around while you enjoy a relaxing mud bath as you let this oasis rejuvenate you.

Visit the Thingvellir National Park for more beautiful sights, and definitely go see the Great Geyser – make sure to snap a pic of your kids as they look at the water exploding into the air in a big gush! Of course, if you go during the right time of year (usually the colder months), seeing the Aurora Borealis is a must. We recommend that you stay in a hotel with a Northern Lights wake-up service. The concierge will come to rouse you from your sleep and make sure you catch the lights and admire them from up close.

The French Riviera

Warm, glittery, and full of traditionally chic French cafes, restaurants, and old-school taverns – the French Riviera is a great pick if you just want simple, straightforward fun with a healthy dose of charm to dazzle the whole family. From little places like Antibes where you can find the Picasso museum, the Water Park, and some delightfully sandy beaches, to the more famous Nice, Monaco, and Cannes, you’ll be afforded great shopping experiences, but you’ll also see France in all its glory and enjoy the healthy sea air, good weather, and long walks on the beach.

While family vacations can be a bit stressful with all the planning and the rush, they are generally immensely fun if you pick the right location. Create your own adventures, don’t forget to bring a camera, and put together a travel journal to enjoy the memory of your trip for a long time to come. In the meantime, if you’re looking for more travel inspiration why not check out this one on the top five Caribbean island holidays.

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