Tips and tricks to find and book cheap family getaways

cheap family getaways

We all love a holiday, but let’s face it….holidays can be a very expensive business as a family. But now that summer is just a distant memory, I bet you’re already thinking about your next family holiday aren’t you? I knew it! Me too. The question is….are there any bargains out there to be had? Or is a cheap family getaway a total myth? In the quest for finding cheaper family holidays, I’ve teamed up with and fab fellow parenting bloggers who have shared their tips on finding and booking cheap family getaways. Hopefully these will make your next family holiday lighter on the bank balance!

Book separately

Booking everything separately really brings down the price – scour the net for the lowest prices on comparison websites for each facet of your holiday. – Ankle Biters Adventures  

Sign up to emails

Sign up to holiday companies and airline email subscription lists to be first to get the latest discount. This worked a treat for us with Butlins.- Gorgeous George’s Mama  

Be inset day savvy

Find out in advance when the school inset days are and book your holidays around those –  they will usually be in term time and much cheaper. – Renovation Bay-Bee  

Skip the hotel

Rent accommodation  or consider using AirBnB instead of staying in hotels to save money! – A Mum Reviews  

Go direct

Check out living social and Groupon deals and then email the hotel / accommodation provider to see if they can better it (e.g. include an extra night free of charge). Businesses pay 50% commission to Groupon so are always keen to do a deal. – North East Family Fun 

Use your networks

Let it be known you are looking for a getaway and spread the word – it is amazing what other people know that you won’t and people love to share a bargain! – A Beautiful Space

Book in advance

If you can book in advance you can get some great savings. We saved 20% on a holiday we wanted by booking before a certain date, and got a great deal on flights by booking as soon as they went on sale.  – Cardiff Mummy Says 

Book last minute

If you’re not booking well in advance, the other option is to book very late! When it comes to package holidays, many operators offer deals within 8 weeks of travel…but be prepared for limited choice and flexibility on the flip side. – Motherhood: The Real Deal 

Have you managed to find cheap family getaways using any of the above? Or perhaps you have some of your own tips to share? Do leave a comment below.

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  1. Great tips. I’ve only just started looking into air bnb but found some fab places. Plus it saves money because you can self cater instead of being in a hotel. Thanks for including me x x

  2. Great tips! The inset day one always works well for us especially if you are just looking for a short weekend. I find its also worth looking at when dates are for things like half term for the place you are planning on traveling too. This year our half term is the week after everywhere else so we managed to get a super cheap break in Cornwall as they will already be back in school in Cornwall! x

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