Good parenting advice you’ll actually want to hear

good parenting advice

As a parent, if there’s one annoying thing you can take as given is that people will feel it is their duty to offer you their parenting advice  which is usually outdated or somehow misaligned – at the slightest opportunity. If I had a pound for every piece of unwanted or useless piece of parenting advice that has been forced on me over the last five years of being a parent I would – quite frankly – be a millionaire. But alas, when I was looking for the coins, there didn’t seem to be any about. However, what I did find along the way was the only parenting advice you will ever need and the good parenting advice you’ll actually want to hear – from the mouths of fellow parenting bloggers – all of which I agree with 100 per cent. I’m sharing it here with you today in this golden nugget of a blog post!

Don’t listen to everyone else

You’ll get so many opinions on what is right/ wrong but the most important person to listen to is yourself. – Me Him The Dog and Baby

Avoid comparing yourself (or your baby) to others

Every one is different. What works for one, may not work for others. – Les Be Mums 

Nobody cares but you

That was the best advice I’ve ever been given, about parenting and life in general! – Five Little Doves  

 best parenting advice

Don’t take everything so seriously

What seems like the biggest issue will feel different tomorrow. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Missed a nap? Meh who cares as long as you are all healthy as happy. – Living With A Jude 

Always offer 2 options

…the red cup or the blue cup…that way they think they have a choice in the matter and the tantrums are lessened! – Adventures of a Mum

Always follow your instincts

Follow your own instincts and do what you want to do. Yes someone is always going to have an opinion (mostly mother in laws!) but just learn to nod and smile and go home and forget it. You really do know your baby best. – Emma Reed 

Trust your gut. You know your child better than any book/midwife/article so do what feels right for you & them –

Try and enjoy the harder moments

Breathe and know that it will not last forever and soon you might even miss it. – Scandi Mummy

Saying no is not being a selfish mother

No you can’t hold them right now, no I don’t want visitors today, no I don’t want to do that with my baby. Its positive empowerment and some people will understand whilst others won’t but they will all learn to respect your no in time. It’s also good practice for the threenage years! – Wife Mother Life 

 good parenting advice

It soon shall pass

Whether it’s sleepless nights, teething, colic, etc. It only lasts for a short while and then you’ll be onto the next worry. – Mrs Shilts 

Do whatever it takes to get them (and you) sleep

If they only time either of you sleep is 10am to 2pm, so be it. They’re not going to be doing it in 20 years, if it keeps you sane then carry on and don’t listen to anybody else! – Accidental Hipster Mum 

Say it in five

Boys have the inability to listen to anything you have to say after the 5th word and that you should say everything you need to say in the first 5 words and then walk away – try it, it actually works! – Motherhood Diaries  

Fill up your own cup, and then theirs

Parenting can be exhausting sometimes and we can’t pour from an empty cup. Be sure to fill up your cup before filling theirs – in other words be sure to take care of yourself because it always helps you a better parent…hands down every-time it’s absolutely fine not to feel guilty about it! – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Parenting is damn hard

…and we get it wrong sometimes, but that’s a good thing – it’s totally fine and to be expected. We learn and move on. My mum told me this when my eldest was born, and I wish I had listened harder at the time. She said she’d made oh so many mistakes when we were little, but that’s more than fine. I turned out alright in the end after all! – Kiddy Charts  

#Parenting advice you'll actually want to hear

So what did you think of this parenting advice?  Would you agree with me in saying it is good parenting advice? What else would you add to this list of good parenting advice? Do share in a comment below. And if you enjoyed this post why not check out this one on 15 things only parents will understand.


    • That really is so true, and one that I tell myself every single day in the tough days. Now it all just feels like everything is hurtling by x

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