GUEST POST The ultimate guide to boosting your child’s immunity and preventing allergies in Spring

preventing allergies in Spring

Spending hours outside in the beautiful spring sun with your kids only to end up treating their persistent sneezing, wheezing and runny noses is not your idea of a perfect afternoon. However, along with this lovely warm time of the year come the pesky allergies, which are becoming increasingly common among kids.

Dealing with the symptoms once they occur is one thing, but it’s much better to start preparing a few months before the season kicks in, to improve your children’s resilience, and minimize the effect of omnipresent allergens that would otherwise wreak havoc on your kids’ immunity. Here are a few effective ways you can prepare your kids for the allergy season and help them stay healthy all year round!

Tweak their diet

preventing allergies in Spring

The most challenging and perhaps most effective way to tackle the problem of allergies is to base your kids’ diet on nutrient-dense foods without processed sugars. A large amount of unhealthy carbs puts your body into a chronic state of inflammation, which then hinders your immune response when a real threat arises, such as all those allergens in the air.

Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are brimming with vitamins and minerals which will strengthen your kids’ immunity, and still provide them with healthy energy levels, which is the primary function of carbs. For an even greater effect, add more probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids in your kids’ diet, steer clear of sugary pastry, store-bought sweets and processed sugars in general, and your children’s health will greatly benefit, especially in terms of preventing allergy symptoms.

A spoonful of honey

If you let your kids start their mornings with just a spoonful of honey, that will give them a bit of exposure to pollen, one of the main culprits of seasonal allergies. Such a small amount will not cause a typical allergic response, but it will boost their overall immune system and make them more resilient.

It would be best if you can get your hands on locally produced raw honey, because it has the local pollen which will start filling the air as soon as spring starts, and exposure to the right kind of pollen will help your kids’ immunity fight off the right allergens. This simple method can help relieve skin irritations, watery eyes, and breathing problems.

Clean home

preventing allergies in Spring

While there’s little you can do to avoid exposing your children to allergens and pollutants outside, ensuring clean air indoors is one of the best ways to protect them from over-exposure and pushing their immune system into overdrive. Mold, dust, pet hair, dust mites, pollen and smoke are just some of the typical allergens found in any home, so  a high-quality air purifier for allergies is a must-have if you want to keep your home clean.

On the other hand, using mild, non-toxic and fragrance-free cleaning supplies will also help decrease the amount of irritants and harmful fumes in the air, which otherwise tend to lower your kids’ tolerance to typical allergens in spring. Keeping your home clean is a priority, but there are safe ways to maintain your indoor hygiene without amplifying your children’s allergic symptoms.

Antihistamines and allergy shots

If your kids are suffering from severe allergy symptoms every year, and you’ve tried every advice there is to alleviate their symptoms but to no avail, you can always consider introducing antihistamine medication, based on a medical professional’s opinion. They will be able to recommend a medicine that will not cause drowsiness or any other side-effects, and ensure the best possible allergy protection when the risk is highest.

Another option is taking an allergy shot to make sure your kids are protected throughout the entire season, but make sure to consult your family doctor before making your decision. In case you do opt for the shot, your children will not need their daily antihistamine, and they will be allergy-free for the duration of the season.

While you can always try supplementing your kids’ diet with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C or zinc, it would be best if you could ensure the intake of micronutrients and macronutrients primarily through diet.

Not only will a healthy diet combined with a clean home strengthen your children’s immune system, but it will also help them fight off seasonal allergy symptoms and let them enjoy the sunny days of spring trouble-free!

Zara Lewis (Twitter: @ZaraELewis) is a mum, designer and a regular contributor to , devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. She seeks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. Will start a blog about it one day. Until then writes her diary occasionally. 


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