Home workouts for mums: The Belle Body Plan

Home workouts for mums

After my extended illness last year, the beginning of this year has really been about trying to get back on track fitness wise. For a long time I was unable to exercise…I just didn’t have the strength. It reminded me of being a new mum again when you feel the absolute opposite of fit and strong. So I trawled YouTube for home workouts for mums and then….

I was contacted by personal trainer Bec Messer, creator of the Belle Body Plan. I knew this was going to be a massive challenge again to get fit and strong. But I was up for it.

The Belle Body Plan is an at-home workout programme that has been designed, tested and revised based on the feedback of real women just like you and me. That means perfect home workouts for mums! The 10 week plan aims to improve your fitness in five key areas: fat loss, aerobic capacity, muscular toning, endurance and conditioning, and flexibility.

Home workouts for mums

It’s a weekly routine which mixes up HIIT sessions, time trials, and lower intensity recovery lesson and comes with a detailed exercise guide so you know exactly what’s what.

I have to admit when I started out at week one, I felt pretty pathetic. Everyone says the hardest part of following a workout plan is starting out, and they are absolutely right! But thankfully the workout was geared for that. The intensity gradually increases as time goes by, as your fitness improves.

Home workouts for mums

I loved in particular the time trial element to the programme which really motivated me, and pushed me to do my best even though I may not have felt like doing so on the day.

Working out with The Belle Body Plan was just as easy as you would hope home workouts for mums would be. Just a question of putting on some workout music, and checking in with what my workout was that day. It was so easy, there really was no excuse to not do it and I found myself getting into a rhythm of getting up earlier to nail my morning workouts.

Home workouts for mums

As the weeks progressed, I was so happy and proud of the progress I had been making. I felt fitter, stronger and more confident with every week that went by and now I’ve completed the ten weeks I want to keep it going. This is what all home workouts for mums should be about!

When I look back at my time trials I can see the massive improvements. I never thought I would do 100 reps of anything in a minute. Yet amazingly, I have been doing exactly that on some exercises.

I’m not surprised that The Belle Body Plan comes with a 100% money back guarantee because it has every right to feel that confident. I feel fit, strong and healthy. The last time I felt this fit was probably a bajillion years ago when I was training to trek over the Alps.

As I sit here, I’m waiting eagerly for Belle PT’s follow on programmes which Bec is working on as we speak – fingers cross they will be coming soon! But in the meantime if you’re been trawling the internet for home workouts for mums then I would highly recommend checking out The Belle Body Plan. It’s perfect for real women and busy mamas who don’t have the time to spend hours in the gym, but want to feel fit, health and strong regardless.

And because I have an exclusive 30% discount code to redeem against the workout plan when you enter TALYA30 at checkout, there really can be no excuses. Can there?

Looking for home workouts for mums? The Belle Body Plan costs £27.30 for the full 10 week training programme which I’m sure you’ll agree is a snip! With the discount code, that’s even more motivational….

Find out more about the Belle Body Plan here

*I was given a free copy of the Belle Body Plan and compensated for my time in writing this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like a great workout. I run every other day but have been looking for something else on my non run days so I might just give this a try x

  2. That sounds a great programme. My little one is almost 3 year old now but I still I have that pregnancy belly. So I need to try this out soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That’s a great discount you are offering. This sounds like a fab plan, so much more accessible than having to get childcare to go out to a class or gym

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