Housing for the sandwich generation: a guide for managing teens, boomerangers and elderly parents under one roof

teens and generation boomerang at home

The way we live is changing. Teens are under increasing pressure against the backdrop of modern society and feeling it acutely – according to recent research undertaken as part of Homebase’s “life improvement” campaign, only 69 per cent of teenagers said they felt truly relaxed at home. That means that 1 in 3 are finding it hard to feel at ease in their own space.

Then there’s generation boomerang – grown up children are now staying in the family for far longer – they promise to stay for only a few weeks after graduation and before you know it, five years out of university they are still there.

And lastly, there’s the sandwich generation. Those who are caring both for children and elderly parents.

It’s a complicated world, and with the rise of the “third space” at home for teens, and of extended homes for the boomerangs and sandwiches among us, the need for homes that can cater to the needs of extended families in a flexible way has never been greater. So how do you cope when you have a teen raging with hormones, a kiddult who won’t leave home, or elderly relatives who need to be brought back into the bosom of the family?

You get smart with your living space. And this is how:

Go modern

Although it might be tempting to think of moving out to the country and having your extended family huddled together in a country house, the thing about old houses is – as beautiful as they may be – they can be highly impractical at times. And when you’re trying to meet the requirements of an extended family, practicality is key.

Modern homes have often had every last detail thought of when it comes to flexible living and optimal use of space –  not to mention the fact that they are usually stunningly designed – and Charles Baker Place in Wandsworth, London, is a prime example of this. These spacious family homes have  five bedrooms and bathrooms over four floors with oodles of living and entertaining space which equals the well-balanced accommodation that is so desperately needed for life with teens and boomerangers.

teens and generation boomerang at home

teens and generation boomerang at home

Each five bedroom townhouse at Charles Baker Place has a versatile basement floor – ready to become a third space for an extended family that needs space to breathe-  giving teens and grads the independence they need at this time of life. They could equally also be converted into another living area for an elderly relative or live in nanny/au pair.

Go central

If you want to survive the teen hothouse years and the years of the “I’m coming back to live with you mum” that you didn’t bargain for then although it can be tempting to move out to the sticks, this is probably the worst thing you could do for either. Being close to the beating heart of it is vital for both teens and boomerangs and so look for something that can tick all the boxes  – quick transport links to London, a village vibe on your doorstep, and open green spaces – much like Wandsworth! If you’re smart about location you can find a piece of tranquility, even in London – Charles Baker Place with its gated courtyard and off-street parking shows how accessibility and peace and quiet can be yours in this much sought after combination.

teens and generation boomerang at home

Think basements

Basements are a great way of providing extended living space for a longer life with children, but quite frankly, can be a huge headache to add on to your own property. Consider moving to a property where a basement has already been factored in, which will give you the extra flexible living space you already need, without all the headache. The five bedroom townhouse properties at Charles Baker Place all come complete with substantial state of the art basements with their own kitchenette and bathroom, which could make the perfect space for keeping family entities a little bit separate (yet still together) and happy. Think teen den, a built in grad flat or a mum or dad cave for when us parents need to get away from the realities of the extended family.

teens and generation boomerang at home

Make your garden a room

There’s increasing demand for garden rooms to keep older children happy and it’s easy to say why. It keeps them within the family set up, but with a space to call their own. Garden rooms are fast becoming the third space for teens because they are just so multi-functional. You could also consider converting it into a studio flat for boomerangers – the largest townhouse at Charles Baker Place boasts a double height studio that could easily be turned into a cosy and liveable annexe, or even a hideaway for mum and dad!

The garden studios at Charles Baker Place are fully wired, plumbed in and insulated already for you, so you have the ability to fulfil any creative whim without needing to navigate hard labour obstacles! Not to mention, garden studios cost an average of £20,000 to build, meaning that having one adds noteworthy value to your home. Check out Charles Baker Place’s blog about garden studios here.

teens and generation boomerang at home

Are you a family looking to work out a better way of living harmoniously teens, boomerangers or elderly relatives? What solutions are you looking into to enable your family to keep growing together under one roof? Do leave a comment and share.

teens and generation boomerang at home

***If you think the townhouses at Charles Baker Place could be the solution to your sandwich generation needs, contact them for info and viewing arrangements. ***

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