Hypnotherapy for the anxious mum: how can it help?

anxious mum

*This is a guest post 

I was always intrigued by “hypnotism”. I’d see people on TV supposedly under the influence of a magician type fella and wonder,’ Is it real?’. I never would have guessed years later as an anxious mum at wits end with stress and panic, that hypnotherapy would change my life.

Having studied for psychology for three years before having my children I was somehow baffled with the fact that I was suffering with mental health issues. My GP only increased the dose of anti anxiety pills each time I reached out desperate for help.

Nothing was getting better, I had less panic attacks, but I still felt like crap, the medication had side effects; making me an exhausted, empty zombie and I felt there was no way out. Then my brother mentioned hypnotherapy, he was about to start his training and he said I’d be good at it too. I remembered the intrigue of hypnosis and I couldn’t ignore my own desperation for a cure to the seemingly unescapable anxiety.

The therapist talked to me for a while, he helped me to think differently about what was running through my mind. Then he told me to make myself comfortable in the reclining chair. I just relaxed and heard his words.

I was soon in what seemed like a deep sleep, ultimate relaxation, but I was totally aware of what was going on around me, my dream like visualisation and totally in control. I could have stopped it at any time, but there was no reason to. I had never ever felt so relaxed in my life.

I woke up as he was saying that I would open my eyes. It took me a few moments to “wake up” no different to waking from a nap.

In the following moments, I felt lighter than ever before. I felt like my mind, body and soul had had a thorough detox. I walked with a spring in my step, smiled gleefully at strangers (I previously would have wanted to punch in the face for looking at me), I had to train as a Hypnotherapist. And I did.

Now I help women just like me, build confidence, overcome anxiety, stop fears and phobias, even relieve pain. I use self hypnosis myself to boost my feelings, mindset, productivity and energy.

A lot of people ask if it’s mind control, and the only mind control involved is YOURS. Hypnotherapy allows YOU to TAKE CONTROL of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The side effects of medication masking your symptoms often aren’t the answer which is what most of my clients tell me leads them to me.

I have some free audio Hypnotherapy sessions on my YouTube channel. If you would like to ask me any questions about hypnotherapy or discuss personalised treatment for yourself email here: thehypnomama@gmail.com.

Author Bio: Ashley O’Brien is a mother of two young children; passionate about Hypnotherapy, parenting and all things ‘feel good’ related. ‘Hypno Mama’ blogs, advises and at times with a no nonsense approach; sharing her own personal experiences for her followers and clients to also overcome their personal challenges. Visit her on Hypno Mama and connect on Instagram and Facebook

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