6 alternative ways to dress your windows

ways to dress your windows

Making the most of the windows in your home can be a tricky one to get right. There are so many things to consider depending on the location of the window, the dimensions, our own preferences and budget when it comes to home design and more. But that being said, dressing your windows can be a great way to add an instant pick me up to your home and doesn’t just have to be about curtains or drapes. Here are six alternative ways to dress your windows.

Pick some plantation shutters

ways to dress your windows

If you’ve got a bit more budget to spend, then Plantation Shutters are an impressive and highly desirable way to improve your home and window spaces. A great choice for kitchens and living rooms although these days plantation shutters come in so many styles and sizes the truth is they are probably one of the most versatile options around!

Roll out the roller blinds

A roller blind is an excellent way to inject an element of individuality into your room, working as a canvas for you to project bold patterns, bright blocks of colour, or a unique, custom-made design within an otherwise neutral interior. It also provides optimum functionality in any environment, ideal for shading a room from intense heat without compromising on natural light diffusion.

Create a cafe curtain

If you’re looking for a little bit of privacy but still want to keep the light coming in then cafe curtains can be a lovely balance of the two. These short curtains which cover half a window much like in a cafe are quick and easy to put up and can be used in just about anywhere! And the good news is you can make these without even knowing how to sew – have a look at this tutorial for no-sew cafe curtains.

Work in some wooden venetian blinds

ways to dress your windows

Perfect for kitchens, offices and bedrooms, wooden venetian blinds are a lovely way of adding a bit of privacy and style for any window. These days venetian blinds come in such a wide range of types of woods and hues, so there’s really something to suit everyone’s tastes whether you’re looking for something more functional or romantic.

Pop up some printed panels

If you find curtains too serious then a lovely alternative is to use panels. These are a lot more playful and the beauty of using panels is that you can be creative by mixing and matching…the perfect way to create a vintage vibe around your windows and actually a good place to pick up funky panels is IKEA.

Use frosting

If you’ve got a space that you think would be engulfed by any of the above, then frosting could be a good option. As with many of the above options, frosting is now so versatile….whether you’re looking for some contemporary or perhaps more antique looking, frosting can be an easy and cost effective way of adding some character to your windows. I’m a big fab of the range over at Purlfrost.

6 alternative ways to dress your windows

So there you have it – six alternatives to dress your windows. Do you use any of these in your home already? What other options would you consider? Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. There are some great alternatives to net curtains , which seem to do nothing but collect dust, here

  2. I love the plantation shutters! We just have the roller blinds that came with our rented apartment, as the landlady doesn’t want us to change them. At least they look nice.

  3. I love those plantation shutters! We have a huge window at the front of our house, but it is our main downstairs light source, so didn’t want to block the light out but also want privacy!

  4. I have to admit I absolutely hate Venetian blinds, they are so hard to keep dust-free and clean, even with those proper cleaners for them. But I am loving the idea of those plantation shutter. BattleDad is adamant we are getting shutters when we buy a place here in Portugal but I don;t think he has considered ones on the inside like the plantation ones! Would save on having to buy curtains too.

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