How not to freak out about wearing swimwear

wearing swimwear

Here’s the thing – since becoming mums, slipping into swimwear is not the summer excitement it used to be. In fact, many of us dread it, loathe it and wonder…quite frankly…how we can get away without doing it. In  fact as I write this I am cringing at the  thought of the time I spotted my quadruple mum bum in the mirror of an M&S changing room whilst trying to buy a new swimming costume.

So today let’s get real. How can we go about not freaking out about wearing swimwear this summer? Here’s my plan of action:

Accept our bodies

Our bodies have been through something amazing. They have created, carried and birthed life and enduring much battering thereafter in motherhood….so well, we need to get real. They are not going to look like any ridiculously photo-shopped body cavorting on a beach on the cover of Grazia. Let us accept, embrace, and move on.

Know that nobody is really looking anyway

Sorry mamas but you know what – with all these bodies around the pool the chances that anyway is actually paying any attention to your body and what it is or isn’t doing in bikini (gulp!) or swimming costume is pretty slim. I’m afraid to say this obsessing is definitely just inside our own heads and nobody else’s.

You need to wear a swimsuit for swimming

Duh! Unless you’re planning on wearing a burkini at a beach, then you know what….when you’re at a beach or swimming pool the thing that people tend to wear are swimming costumes or bikinis. Yes…I know…a mind boggling fact indeed. You heard it here first.

If they ARE judging, it’s their problem – not yours

In the very rare event that someone might actually be judging you in your swimming costume or bikini then let’s really think about who has the problem here – them, or you. Answers on a postcard.

Remember you’re there to have fun

Yup, you’re on holiday. You’ve probably been waiting for this moment of glorious sun, sea and sand for the whole year. So let’s not let our silly egos ruin it by belittling our bodies.

Find a swim suit that works for you

The beauty of swim wear these days is that there really is something for everyone. If you’re  a plank – go ahead and wear a bikini. If you’re lovely and curvy – go retro. Work with your body shape and try out new things. Here’s a useful guide to what swimwear works best for which body shapes. Start somewhere safe like David Nieper’s swimwear range and branch out from there.

Accessorize like hell

If all else fails and you really can’t win the battle of the swimsuit angst, use diversion tactics by the way of accessories. An awesome summer turban, some killer wedges or a gorgeous kaftan can all be your very best friend.

How not to freak out about wearing swimwear

So there you have it! That’s my plan of action for letting go of swimsuit season anxiety. I hope it helps mamas and may the swimwear force be with you! xoxox

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