5 reasons caravan holidays are great

caravan holidays are great

I have to say, we have come rather late to the caravan holiday party, but we have recently just come back from yet another awesome caravan stay as so I felt compelled to share why caravan holidays are great for a family.

They are affordable

Like….seriously affordable! Well, at least compared to other options like cottage rental. And if you are able to book relatively last minute there after often amazing deals to be had in really high quality caravans at really good resorts.

You can stay in some incredible places (without breaking the bank)

I am by no means an expert since we have only stayed on a caravan site twice but so far we have been a stone’s throw away from a beach and then also right slap bang in the middle of a gorgeous woodland looking out onto a countryside scene not too dissimilar to this.

caravan holidays are great

A stay with either of these on your doorstep in any kind of set up would otherwise be rather pricey! Don’t believe me just take a look at this fab list of best family caravan holiday parks from Our Bucket List Lives.

You can take the kitchen sink with you

You should the ridiculousness of the items we load into our car boot for a caravan stay….! but as crazy as it might seem, I love being able to load up the car with everything we could possibly need for a family stay and not have to worry about whether I have taken too much…because when it comes to a caravan stay too much is never too much! It really is a home from home.

You get to have your cake and eat it

Some people might be put off by holidaying somewhere where there are so many other people doing exactly the same, but the beauty of a caravan is once you are inside your caravan, you really have so much privacy and you would never know how many other people you were sharing the caravan site with. But then on the flip side, you then get pick and choose to use all the caravan site’s facilities whenever you feel like it – a winning combo!

And take things at a slower place

There is something about staying in a caravan that just slows you right down. You’re not bound by any schedules, or meal timings, or anything really…which means you can take things at a much slower pace, lead a simpler life, andddddd relax! Well, as close to relaxing as a parent on holiday you’re ever going to get, that is.

Have you tried having a caravan holiday before? Or perhaps staying in a caravan is your holiday of choice? Do share in a comment below. And if you enjoyed this why you might also like 5 reasons to go camping this Spring.

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  1. Thank you for including my post. We are big fans of caravan parks. There’s always so much to see and do for families. We never have a schedule when we go and just plan as we go along.

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