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*This is a guest post

I am hoping this headline catches you because Talya at Motherhood: The Real Deal knows just what I am talking about.

Nowadays the media is putting us into all types of categories. Stay at Home Mums, Single Mums, Anxious Mums, New Mums…. What does it matter? We are all Mums and we all love our kids and our kids love us back.

That’s why I want to say Hello to the League of Greatest Mums Ever: The Rockstar Mums!

In my latest book dedicated to Mums: Rockstar Moms: 7 Ways To Be The Greatest Mom Ever”, I suggest 7 areas of family life that Mums should have covered. There is always a lot going on in any day from birth to adulthood. Sometimes we think it will stop once they get to 18 years of age, but no such luck. Motherhood is a lifetime role.

So I feel these 7 ways will help for calm, peaceful, parenting. I firmly believe that parenting can be learnt. And when I say parenting I mean Holistic Parenting. Over the years I have worked with families in different cultures where Mums have different supports, many children, a few children, lots of money or just enough to manage. All my work tells me that it is not the number of people in the immediate family unit that matters.

That might sound strange eh? But it’s really the roles that each person has. For example, we always hear that you need to have a father beside Mum as the basic unit. But the fact is that this role can be taken on by Mum’s brother or cousin. So it ends up being who is doing what, especially when we realise that today even some fathers find themselves trying to be Mum. Not so easy a switch as the other way round, but the point is made.

In the long run, however, Mum is the person who balances the relationships in the family. She it is and no-one else who makes sure that no-one oversteps their mark. She also maintains the traditions and cultures that are important.

The 7 ways I suggest are wide-ranging. These are all tied to how you and the family feels when this is in place AND what are the skills that your kids learn. In this little list, the words in blue tell you how you and the family feels, and what you and the family can do easily when this feature is present and working well. So if there is:

1st   A good diet-lots of energy-Social skills

2nd Good housing-having good sleep-Great learning skills

3rd Security- Lack of worry-Emotional skills

4th Care about Health- Less sickness– Lots of learning

5th Some time to play- free to experiment-Physical skills

6th Living with no abuse- great self-expression-Emotional growth

7th Showing and sharing love – Feeling happy – Emotional skills

The book comes with a number of free giveaways and a bonus that I want to talk about.

This bonus is there especially for those Mums who have pre-schoolers. Why? This is the age that the self –confidence grows and at the same time, firmly establishes the self-esteem. Being vigilant at this time lessens the possibility of your child getting involved in deviant behaviour. I hope you heard that. The finest studies have borne this out. His or her little voice inside keeps bringing them back to the morals and values they have been living with in their family. All those times that he or she heard “well done” or “try it this way instead’ and other words of wisdom, now come into play and guide them when threatened by peer come-ons.

So the bonus is a chart which again reminds Mums of the behaviours that are expected of your family and your child. Like everything else, it is easy to follow and remember.

Being a RockStar Mum is fulfilling, frustrating and full-time. All Mums deserve to be the Greatest Mum Ever and keeping these 7 ways in the front of your mind makes it a reality.

Author bio: Dr. Eleanor Wint now resident in Canada, was born in Jamaica West Indies and studied in Jamaica and the USA. With her partner, she raised two children of their own and fostered four. In all her writing she draws on over 25 years of living in and studying cultures all over the world, working with families in all walks of life in the Caribbean, the USA, West and East Africa. To her, families are the same all over the world, all determined to bring up their children to be successful adults in a constantly changing world. Connect with her on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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