Keep your kids safe this summer with these easy tips

Keep your kids safe

Social distancing restrictions are starting to ease up, but this brings a new set of worries for many parents. It’s important to educate them on how to socialise safely. Make sure they know how to socially distance themselves and be careful back out in the sun. While you’re at it, educate them on how to stay safe online as well. Here are simple tips to keep your kids safe this summer. 

Safe Social Distancing

If your children start going out more, make sure they are prepared with a social distancing “kit”. Pack some rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and a couple of face masks. Teach them to thoroughly wash their hands. to keep your kids safe, make sure they do this at least once a day and every time they come into contact with other people. 

Children have so far been proven to be lower risk than adults but it’s still necessary they take precautions. Make sure they know they need to stay two metres apart from their friends and family and aren’t allowed out in groups. Organise activities between parents to ensure that an adult is always present.

Stay Safe in the Sun

Keep babies below 6 months out of the sun, either under a canopy in their pram or seat. With small children make sure you apply sun cream 15-30 mins before they go swimming. Use a high factor of 15 plus SPF. Make sure your kids are aware they need to take precautions. Explain to them that not only is sunburn a risk but heatstroke as well.

It’s important to educate kids about how to stay safe in the sun. Older kids and teenagers should know better by now. Make sure they take care of any moles or sensitive areas. If they have any new piercings, ask for advice at the piercing shop on how to take care of them. 

Stay Safe Online

When you first set up your kids’ devices make sure you have put parental controls in place to keep your kids safe. This means covering the browser and filters. This should prevent unwanted content from appearing even if they search for it. Many sites and apps designed for kids will have these controls already in place which is handy, and you can set age limits as well. Check out some examples of safe apps for kids. There is a range of options both educational and fun.

To help keep your kids safe, learn to be a little more tech-savvy and find out how social media works. It will reassure them that you know best if you are able to explain any dangers from real knowledge of the apps. You’ll also benefit from knowing how to block and report users if they behave inappropriately. There are plenty of tutorials available online with tips and tricks for parents. 

To keep your kids safe, the best way to motivate your kids is to lead by example. Keep the rules in mind especially in front of them and be vigilant this summer. Be cautious and respectable at all times and they will be more likely to follow in your footsteps. 


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