5 ways to keep your relationship fresh

keep your relationship fresh Keeping relationships strong requires ongoing effort. Couples face various challenges along the way, on top of busy schedules and busy lives. Sometimes it takes a little extra loving effort to build lasting relationships. When life gets stressful, it’s important to find ways to cut the tension and reconnect. These fun tips can help keep you and your guy close while having fun at the same time.

Talk and Talk Often

Communication is an important aspect of any relationship. Nurturing open communication in a relationship is a skill that often takes time to develop. And communication isn’t just about talking. Listening to your partner is just as important. Remember to have patience with each other as you learn to talk and listen. Heartfelt communication can be shared in a number of ways, too. Texting, video chatting, and little notes left in fun places all tell your partner you’re there for them. You can keep it light, too! Having strong communication doesn’t necessarily mean serious conversations all the time. Even simple ways of communicating can draw you closer together. You can show your guy you care and keep your relationship fresh with genuine communication.

Play Together!

Having fun things you do together is a great way to keep your relationship fresh. Choose a new game and have fun learning it together. A great way to start out is by having friends over to play poker. Games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha high/low can get competitive juices flowing between you two like you haven’t felt in years. Before you shuffle the deck, start by learning some of the basics. Why not spice things up by hosting a poker night where you hire dealers and decorate the house like an old time speakeasy. Get dressed up in 1920’s clothes and makeup. Make it a regular gathering where good friends can share a couple cocktails, laugh and enjoy the game together. For more tips on how to hold a Texas Hold’em Party see here.

Surprise Him

Nothing shows you care more than planning something for your partner’s enjoyment. Showing your partner that they’re on your mind and you care about their interests goes a long way. Small gifts can be special. You could buy a new book he has wanted to read, or have their favorite dinner cooked when they get home from a long day, or plan a day trip to explore an exciting place. Planning a fun surprise for your partner has an added benefit – you’ll feel happy, too! For more ideas on how to surprise your partner see here.

Make a Date- Then Stick to It

Sometimes busy lives lead to feeling disconnected from your partner. It is important to set aside time throughout the week to unplug and just be together. Even little moments here and there can add up and feel meaningful. Try scheduling a movie night in. You’ll know your bond is growing when you both look forward to that special time spent together. This way you will continually be reminded of all the reasons you are together.

Following these tips can jump-start the connection you have with your partner. Communication and consideration are cornerstones of a successful and happy relationship. Working together with your partner to keep your relationship vibrant can be fun and rewarding. After trying some of these tips, you’ll likely come up with more of your own!

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