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keep your relationship fresh

Keeping relationships strong requires ongoing effort. Couples face various challenges along the way, on top of busy schedules and busy lives. Sometimes it takes a little extra loving effort to keep your relationship fresh. When life gets stressful, it’s important to find ways to cut the tension and reconnect. These fun tips can help keep you and your  close while having fun at the same time.

Talk and talk often

Communication is an important aspect of any relationship. Nurturing open communication in a relationship is a skill that often takes time to develop. And communication isn’t just about talking. Listening to your partner is just as important. Remember to have patience with each other as you learn to talk and listen. Heartfelt communication can be shared in a number of ways, too.

Texting, video chatting, and little notes left in fun places all tell your partner you’re there for them. You can keep it light, too! Having strong communication doesn’t necessarily mean serious conversations all the time. Even simple ways of communicating can draw you closer together. You can show your fella you care and keep your relationship fresh with genuine communication.

Play together!

Having fun things you do together is a great way to keep your relationship fresh. Choose a new game and have fun learning it together. The University of Denver’s Center for Marital and Family Studies research finds that the amount of fun couples have together is the strongest factor in understanding overall marital happiness.

Over the coming weeks, why not set aside time every other day to do something fun together. In the home you could try things like playing cards, scrabble or story telling games. Outside the house you could try going bowling, kayaking, climbing or doing an escape room together. Obviously this does take a bit of orchestration to manage as parents but I do strongly feel, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Surprise him

Nothing shows you care more than planning something for your partner’s enjoyment. Showing your partner that they’re on your mind and you care about their interests goes a long way. Small gifts can be special. You could buy a new book he has wanted to read, or have their favourite dinner cooked when they get home from a long day, or plan a day trip to explore an exciting place. Planning a fun surprise for your partner has an added benefit – you’ll feel happy, too! For more ideas on how to surprise your partner see here.

Make a date – then stick to it

Sometimes busy lives lead to feeling disconnected from your partner. It is important to set aside time throughout the week to unplug and just be together. Even little moments here and there can add up and feel meaningful. Try scheduling a movie night in. You’ll know your bond is growing when you both look forward to that special time spent together. This way you will continually be reminded of all the reasons you are together.

Another thing we love to do is have a night in giving each other a massage. It doesn’t have to be anything too laborious – even giving each other a foot massage can really help you to connect. Did you know that couples who massage each other also have improved wellbeing? We also have a special massage-themed giveaway below which you will just love!

Following these tips can jump-start the connection you have with your partner. Communication and consideration are cornerstones of a successful and happy relationship. Working together with your partner to keep your relationship vibrant can be fun and rewarding. After trying some of these tips, you’ll likely come up with more of your own!


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  1. we have date night one a month were we go out for a meal (just the two of us) or the cinema ,you need some alone time when you have children as you can get bogged down with all the kids stuff,one rule we have is we are not allowed to talk about the kids.

  2. To keep our relationship fresh my husband and I take an hour each evening to talk about our days. We get the children to bed and have a conversation and make sure we are on the same page about our parenting life but that we still have time for each other in a romantic life- not just as parents.

  3. Time apart really does make the heart grow fonder! I see my boyfriend at weekends as we live in separate counties, but the last weekend of every month we don’t see each other and have some time to ourselves. It’s really important for us to have space and it makes our time together feel more special

  4. Talking to each other and listening too… We also put aside one night a week./ fortnight for a night out together,,, Lastly make each other laugh!

  5. Date nights! At least once a month, just the two of us… good food , maybe a film and chilled night where we can enjoy each other’s company x

  6. Setting a weekend every month for date night, my mum has the children, and we just focus on each other, make a spa, massage, movie and cook for one another

  7. we dont have much time for each other atm hubby works nights but hopefully he has asked to go on days so we can spend a lot of quality time together

  8. A night out without the kids or relatives. A romantic evening at a posh restaurant with good wine and food! That way we can have some quality time together and reflect on our relationship and build an even closer bond with one another.

  9. I think it is important not to fall into a routine where you don’t make time for your relationship. Since having kids, we have had to schedule time together. We spend one whole day together every other week, leaving the kids with my mum and getting home late. This helps so much with relieving stress and does wonders for our relationship. We spend time talking every night before bed about our days, our problems and the solutions. I also love to surprise my husband with new sexy lingerie which always cheers him up!! Even though schedule is great for parents, I think spontaneous moments and ideas are my favourite!

  10. We make sure that we talk, communicating is so important, if you can share every hope and fear and daily chit-chat things never get dull.

  11. We try to have nights away just the two of us. Even just a couple times a year helps us remember each other and our relationship, not just about the kids! Of course we do end up talking about them but we try!

  12. monthly date nights with each of us taking it in turn to surprise the other, have had some great nights out together

  13. Great ideas ! We struggle as he works such long hours and is si tired when he is home. I do maje sure he has a nice home cooked meal and a freshly baked cake each day though

  14. We talk about anything and everything, we have family nights and date nights and we spoil each other with the odd surprise x

  15. Be spontaneous and little notes to make them feel appreciated, also date night once a week if possible where we put folded up ideas in a jar then it’s a surprise and never the same, doesn’t have to cost a lot just quality time together

  16. We’ve been together 20 years now and never spend enough time together, we always plan a date night but life usually gets in the way.

  17. We make sure we take time for each other every week when I have a day off. We might look round the shops, walk in the woods or even just watch a film, but we do it together

  18. When we were engaged over 50 years ago my hubby said ‘Never let me take you for granted’ Neither of us have. We’ve always put the other one first not in big showy ways but in all the little things that we do for each other to show our love is as deep as ever.

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