Living with a four year old: The dawn of the smarty pants fours

Living with a four year old

You’ve all heard of the terrible twos, the tyrannical threes and perhaps you’ve heard people coin the fours…the f*** you fours. Well now that we’re rolling deeper into the fours well yes, there might be a degree of the f*** yous going on but I like to this of it as this:

The smarty pants fours

It’s like this: The fours don’t suffer fools gladly…in fact they seem to think that everyone around them is as thick as two short planks (ok I admit, I am before my morning coffee), as they roll their eyes and sigh dramatically at your ignoramus like status like you just stumbled out of a cave.

Expect to hear the following phrases on loop:

“Not like that mummy!”

“Yes I know that!”

“I already told you”

“Oh dear silly daddy”

And basically a plethora of sayings that indicate that you in fact have a brain the size of a pea whilst theirs is the size of the entire universe delivered with a blustering attitude or irritation at your silly little mind in comparison to theirs.

With a four year old, life is basically a massive conveyor belt of critical thinking, identifying, classifying, comparing and contrasting, predicting, and problem solving and they are on a mission to show everyone that they know what is what.

For this year you can expect that they will be the winner, and you will be the loser, ad infinitum. Oh, and not forgetting that apparently you have also come down in the last rain shower and that your years worth of accumulated knowledge are actually worth zip. That’s right – diddly squat. You can’t possibly know the answer, and even if you do, it will somehow be flipped round to be theirs moments later.

So sit down and be quiet mummy because there’s a new savant in town, and it’s not you.  But that’s ok….because we know who really taught them all of this in the first place don’t we?

Do you have a smarty pants four year old in the house? Do share in a comment below.

Oops – sorry have to be off…I think my brain has just become so small it’s fallen out of my ear to be scooped up by my four year old!



  1. Oh Talya you’re scaring me. We are 6 weeks away from gaining a 4 year old and the tyrannical threes (I like that) haven’t been a walk in the park. To hear we’re in for a rough ride with 4 isn’t music to my ears. Bracing myself for all those sayings. PS love the gifs!

  2. Oh yes I remember this well! My eldest is now in the ‘so what?!’ 6 era, where she is entirely non-plussed about everything, as she already knows it all already, obvs! My middle child is now 4, but this is more of a ‘destroy everything’ phase atm… I’m not sure which I prefer tbh! xx #coolmumclub

  3. Without wanting to sound all ‘smarmy been there done that Mum’, I love reading these posts as your little smarty pants is a year behind ours, and this takes me back! There’s always another stage around the corner isn’t there?
    Thanks for being the better half of team #coolmumclub MWAH (When is E gonna co-host?! ;-))

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