Making your bathroom family friendly for potty training

potty training

The time will come around so fast – suddenly your little baby is two and is showing signs of being ready to ditch the diapers and potty train. Potty training can be a pretty intense time that many parents do not look forward to, but with a bit less stress, and a good dose of preparation, before you know it – ta dah! – nappies will be a thing of a past.

So let’s talk about reducing the stress stakes. One big thing you can help to take the edge off potty training is to ensure that your bathroom is family friendly and ready for potty training. Here’s how:

Get the right potty seat for your toilet

With my little girl, while she started out with a traditional potty, in a blink of an eye she wanted to be on the toilet and this meant having an appropriate toilet seat. But here’s the thing – not all toddler seats are equal and the last thing you need when you have a tiddler who is on the possible brink of an accident is to be fumbling around with a separate potty seat, I have learnt!  Equally, family politics dictate that some people may not take too kindly to always having to remove their toddler seat this every time it is their turn to go.

Thankfully, you can please everyone (hurrah!) with an all-in-one combined potty training and adult seat from Family Seat which means you can quickly and effortlessly switch from one to the other – because when you’re potty training those few seconds REALLY matter – allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. Phew!

potty training 2

A stool

A stool is so important for helping your little get some extra independence when potty training – whether it’s to quickly clamber up onto the toilet or so that they can reach the sink afterwards for some thorough hand-washing. Although one with a funky design isn’t necessary, monkeys and turtles have a handy way of helping the process along don’t you think?

Some potty training rewards

Instant recognition and reward is the key to success with potty training and that means having a reward chart right there in your bathroom. Thankfully the good folks at Family Seat know this, and provide a selection of potty training tools with each seat to ensure you’re fully set up for the task ahead, including a fully personalised reward chart and nifty little door hanger which helps your child to signal when they need to use the potty.

potty training tools

A hand soap they can actually use

One of the most frustrating things for a little one who is trying to break through potty training is not being able to wash their hands properly afterwards (said she who knows from experience!). Make sure you have a liquid soap which pumps with little effort and is easy for them use all by themselves to avoid hand washing struggles.


No doubt, when potty training you will need A LOT of wipes to hand. Quickly accessible wipes for cleaning up your little one, surface cleaning wipes which you can quickly clean up any accidents for when you didn’t get there on time. Because hey, they’re a toddler and only human.

Setting up your bathroom so it’s family friendly and ready for potty training is one way to take the ARGH! out of potty training.  And of course, when you’ve made it on the potty training stakes – and trust me, it WILL happen eventually – you can both do a little happy dance and head over and download your very own Success Certificate from the Family Seat website.

***See the full range of toilet seats from Family Seat here and access their free potty training tools and tips here.***

*This post is in collaboration with Family Seat. All opinions are my own. 


  1. That all in one potty-seat training sounds like a fab product! We only had the regular one for T and of course, a step.

  2. This toilet seat sounds really good. So much easier than having to remove the child seat and wonder where to put it!

  3. This sounds fab!! We have FINALLY got the eldest on board with potty training, after trying for a year and a half…!! I’m already fed up of removing his seat from the loo! He bypassed potties completely and went straight for the toilet. Accessible soap is a good point-something I need to sort out!! His reward chart is working out really well too!! Wish me luck…!!

  4. This is great! We just got a clip on seat for our toilet and have his potty on the bathroom, he’s just starting to take to it now which is great so fingers crossed for it! The accessible soap is so important! His potty doubles as a stool for him so he stands on that to wash his hands and he’s really good at it now. I never thought of a sticker chart so that’s something I’m keen to try.

    Jordanne ||

  5. My little lady has been a complete dream with potty training and is now very happy to sit on the toilet, so proud. We have a step, a toilet seat and a carry potty.

  6. There are so many great options out there these days for this stage. When I first had to potty train all we had were baby wipes and a car shaped potty, lol!

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