#MyFiveThings: 5 Triggers For Mummy Rage by Eat Love Live London

Hello and welcome to this week’s issue of #MyFiveThings? Ever experienced mummy rage? If the answer is no…then quite frankly, what are you doing reading my blog! Jokes aside, mummy rage is a very real thing, and in this week’s issue of #MyFiveThings Kat from Eat Love Live London shares with us her five triggers for mummy rage (eek! stand back everyone)….


Those who know me would probably say I’m a pretty calm person (except perhaps my husband). I’m grounded. I don’t get angry easily and I can normally see many points of view.

Something has happened since I’ve become a mum and I think I’ve got a case of the mummy rage. The kind of rage that builds up to the point where you are very dangerously close to snapping. So far, I have managed to contain myself! Perhaps it will help me to get it off my chest?

1. To the pedestrian who spent so much of his energy taking over me, Baby Girl and our pushchair on the pavement that you had to go snails pace as soon as you got directly in front of the pushchair. This caused me to have to slow down when I was in a hurry. That gave me a good old dose of Mummy rage.

2. To the mum who allowed their child, who should have known better, to repeatedly poke me in the back while I was minding my own business lining up to get a coffee. It was annoying that you weren’t really disciplining him but I could deal. What really gave me mummy rage was that he then poked my baby girl in the face and you thought a very soft ‘don’t do that’ would suffice.

3. Now I’m not sure which mum I’m taking to here because you were nowhere to be found at the kids birthday party where your child was being a menace. I mean, I know you were at the party somewhere but you were too busy socialising to bring any order to her behaviour. Oh, and you weren’t there when your she totally uninvitedly blew out the candles on behalf of the birthday girl with the snot streaming down her face, and I mean really streaming. Green, gooey and thick. How was anyone supposed to enjoy the germ ridden birthday cake after that?

4. To the old, balding man who looked at my daughter and asked if she was having a bad hair day. Were you jealous? How are you going to say that to a baby girl who has beautiful, healthy, luscious African curls that are just a little bit too short to properly braid? I could not wait to get out of that lift I had to share with you. Unfortunately when you continued and told her how beautiful her eyes were, my mummy rage was already well and truly alive and kicking. I was in no mood to engage with you.

5. And finally, to my husband who came home after a day at work and asked why the house was messy?  Let’s not even go there shall we?

Can any new mum’s relate to this new found mummy rage? What’s the latest thing that really set you off?

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  1. I dont often get mummy rage but the occasions i have..

    * Grumpy women on the bus complaining they have to move for the pushchair whilst commenting how itwas different in their day.

    *The parents that don’t supervise their kids at soft play and then jump about dangerously into the baby areas.

    * When your childs crying and people can see your trying to deal with it but still insist on telling you how to soothe your child.

  2. Haa I have the Mummy Rage attacks sometimes too – glad I’m not alone! I would have loved to have seen the look you gave the man in the lift – more fool him ha ha!! x

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