Raising children: The great mysteries of parenthood

raising children

Some things in life just don’t make sense do they? But then you become a parent and realise that when it comes to raising children, there is a whole other truck loads of stuff that just totally boxes your head!

If you’re sitting there scratching your head wondering whether you are the only one who is experiencing these total mysteries that come with raising children then I promise…you are not! And to prove it, I’ve asked fellow parenting bloggers to share their great mysteries of parenthood….now we know we are not the only ones going crazy coo coo….right?

The great shoe mix up

If there’s a 50% chance of my kid getting her shoes on the right feet by herself, how does my kid manage to get it wrong 9 out of every 10 attempts?! – The Dadventurer  

Where do all the socks go?!

I swear we live in a sock black hole. That and raisins, why are there raisins everywhere I go?!? How do they get everywhere? I even found one in my make up bag the other day! – Devon Mama


It’s not their fault….ever

Why is it never their fault. Ever. No. Matter. What. – Kiddy Charts 

On water phobia

Why is it okay to jump in a puddle and get soaked from head to toe, but when you get a teeny dribble of water on your t-shirt from your cup the world ends?!? – Odd Hogg

It’s a hot mess!

How such small humans create so much mess? How is it possible that they have so much “stuff” for someone so tiny. Let’s not even start on how much washing they produce….- Twinderelmo 

Causing car chaos

Why do they all get on really well until it is time to go in the car, at which point it’s time to hate your siblings? – Dancing In My Wellies 

If it’s unicorns, consider it done

Why can my child dress herself perfectly head to toe in under 5 minutes if any of the items of clothes have unicorns on them…but if we are late everything takes four hours and is on upside down? – Someone’s Mum 


The need to sabotage any chance of a lie in

Why do they wake up at the crack of dawn on a weekend yet I have to drag them out of bed on a school day? – My Three and Me 

The weird thing about babies’ clothes

Why do babies’ clothes have pockets? It continues to trouble me! – Diary of The Dad 

The selective seeing setting

How come my child can’t find the shoes that are right in front of him, but can find a tiny piece of onion in his dinner. – Dilan And Me  

not to mention the selective hearing one….

Why does my four year old ignore everything I say, but have bat-like hearing when I’m trying to be discreet? And on top of that, forget everything I say – until the most inopportune time, when she’ll mortify me! – Less Refined Mind 

They’ll eat anything so long as you didn’t cook it

Why does my son eat all and every vegetables offered to him at nursery but declares them all to be “disgusting” at home?? – Something About Baby 

The great doctor delusion

Why are they always so SO ill until the minute you get them to the doctors when they become feral and the most healthy they have ever been. – Ready Freddie Go  

Sweet as pie on someone else’s watch?

Why do they behave for my mother in law but then IN FRONT of her yet completely play up with me?  – A Beautiful Space 

Sweet dreams…so long as it’s not in their own bed

Why do they sleep perfectly when they stay with their grandparents, but never at home? – Sorry About The Mess  

Getting those priorities straight

Why do they forget to bring their reading book or maths homework home but never forget a party invitation!  – Beautiful Home Ideas 

When everything is suddenly their favourite toy

Why do children never play with any of their toys until it’s time to have a clear out? “That’s my favourite!” No it isn’t, you haven’t touched it for two month. – Mum Conventional 

Who stole all the hair accessories?

Every morning my daughter starts out with a hair tie and a couple of hair clips. By the end of the day they are nowhere to be seen, and the next day we have to start with fresh ones all over again. I’m sure some hair accessories manufacturer is making a killing from parents of small children somewhere! – Motherhood: The Real Deal

Raising children - the great mysteries of parenthood

Arghhhhhhhh! How many of these mysteries of raising children have you encountered? I’m betting ALL OF THEM! Do leave a comment and share.

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  1. Every point is spot on! Seriously, the socks – why do they not just make kids socks in sets of 5 pairs of all the same? Why are they all different patterns so when you lose one, you can’t just pair it’s lonely partner up with another one? So annoying!

  2. I can relate to so many of these, socks are forever going missing and I can always tell my daughter has done PE as he shoes are always on the wrong feet. Don’t even get me started on the mess and clutter I have no idea where it all comes from x

  3. Ummm, I’m giving a big hell yes to all of this! The disappearing socks drives me mad and we have a dummy black hole in this house too!!xx

  4. My youngest, no matter how many times I tell him not to, as soon as he comes home from school, tosses his jacket on the floor and literally kicks off his shoes, one goes one way the other goes the opposite way. Then we can find them the next morning. And when I remind him that I told him not to do that he always tells me, well I forgot. You forgot? But you can remember something ridiculous that happened over two months ago. But you can’t remember to hang you jacket up and put your shoes by the door? So mysterious, lol!

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