Skin care tips for new mums

Skin care tips for new mums

Today I wanted to talk about skin care tips for new mums. Now I know what you’re thinking….When you are a new mum adjusting to the sleepless nights and the relentlessness of it all, skin care is the least of your problems when you barely remember what your name is before you’ve had your morning coffee. But here’s the thing – all that sleep deprivation can really take its toll on your skin, and so actually – self care and skin care in particular is actually more important than you think. With that said, here, Karen J. Gerrard Founder of SEAMS BEAUTY shares her skin care tips for new mums.

Why it so important to look after your skin as a new mum?

I don’t need to tell you that your body has gone through enormous hormonal changes, but I would like to point out that these changes will be causing incredible stress on your skin and most probably accelerating the ageing process. I know ‘you time’ is non-existent but if you don’t look your skin properly now the loss of collagen and elastin can be very difficult to reverse.

A rise in hormones causes your glands to produce more Sebum which can clog pores and lead to greasy skin and acne. Then with a decrease in hormones skin can become sensitive, itchy and brown patches of pigmentation can appear (commonly known as age spots) and skin can suddenly become sensitive to a product you have been using for years. So here are my skin care tips for new mums to save your skin in this new phase of life.

Skin care tips for busy mums

Stretched skin that gave you that lovely luminous look whilst you were pregnant suddenly looks dull and marked. To help combat stretch marks use a body moisturiser daily, something simple like Nivea will do the trick or Bio Oil. It doesn’t have to be a long application the main thing is that it gets into your skin, ideally buy a product in a bottle and pump or for an even quicker application decant some oil into a spray bottle. I still use Bio Oil on my hips, and I had my daughter 22 years ago!

All the skin changes

Have you noticed that your skin is changing differently around the body? Are dry patches appearing in areas you didn’t know existed!?

For the….


Use Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter with Shea Butter and Barbadensis Leaf Juice which helps combat stretch marks (£35).


Bloom and Blossom have ranges for before and after pregnancy with products for both mum and baby. Be sure to get the wonderworker multi-tasking balm with Vitamin E safe enough to be used on dry skin, lips and sore nipples (£15).


Farmologie do a fabulous body wash, fragrance free rich in beta-glucans its very hydrating and excellent for sensitive skin (£5.99).


Go for Salt of The Earth’s spray deodorant unscented, 100% natural, vegan with soothing Aloe Vera (£2.99). I highly recommend using this product for the first few months as underarms can become extremely sensitive.


Are your heels cracked? An area we tend to miss until they become sore, use a foot file once a week, I sometimes use Clarins body exfoliator quickly in the shower before filing and then moisturise with a cooling formula such as Mother Cowshed Leg & Foot Cream with Green Tea and Witch Hazel (£19). Just enjoying the lovely scents make you feel better.


Love Boo Bosom Buddy (£19.99) has been described as a bra in the bottle – it’s an award-winning bust tonner.


La Roche-Posay does a great sensitive skin range of cleansers, toners and Cetaphil has a light-weight, fragrance free day cream that hydrates and provides high broad-spectrum UVA/B. £9 For pigmentation marks use Fadeout Even Skin Tone Night Cream (£13.99). For a quick cleanse in the morning use a facial wash such as CeraVe hydrating facial Cleanser (£9.50). Then tone with PIXI Glow Tonic which will also help to buff away dry skin (£18).

Moisturise with La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche (£14.40) if you are having a no make-up day re-apply early afternoon or cheat a bit get a face moisturiser with a slight white glow. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream (£49.99) is exactly that and it’s got 15 SPF.

A lovely all-in-one product is Charlotte Tilbury Multi Miracle Glow it can be used as a cleanser, overnight mask or as nourishing balm (£45 and they also have a £10 size if you want to just try).

Whatever cream you are using on your baby will be good for your skin too. Kiehl’s Baby Cream £22 or the old classic Johnson’s Baby Lotion (around £1) can be rubbed into arms and legs at any time, I still love that scent.

Skin care tips for new mums


Don’t forget your hands, you want to touch your baby with soft smooth hands not dry and scratchy, I recommend using SEAMS Hand Cream (£14 75ml) at least 3 times a day and before you go to sleep.

Seams is gentle enough to be able to be used around your baby you could even use it to massage your baby at the same time. It’s not greasy and is blended with 9 natural ingredients including Shea Butter and Allantoin to soften and soothe, Rosehip Oil to Nourish and Pro-Vitamin B5  to hydrate and a Biomimetic Lipid Complex that can mimics the Lipids of your skin to help lock in moisture and enhance the skin barrier.

Most of all enjoy this special time and if you are lucky enough to get some beauty sleep, then you are definitely winning in new motherhood!


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  1. I always try to keep hand cream, face cream beside where I feed baby so I can use it whenever I remember!

  2. If you actually have time to put make-up on then please remove it before bed so that it does not clog your pores. Most importantly use moisturiser all over and stay hydrated

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