Sound asleep: 5 benefits of using a sleep sack

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I am a BIG believer in sleep sacks. Ever since my little girl began channelling Houdini as a baby and started slithering out of her swaddle, we and sleep sacks have been firm friends. We have used one year on year, throughout the changing seasons and honestly, I love them so much I think I could happily try to keep our sleep sack tradition going until teenager years. But why are sleep sacks so good? Here are 5 reasons why I am the sleep sack champion of parenting advice:

1. You always know that your little one is the right temperature

Living in the erratic climes we are (not so) accustomed to in our country – where one minute the wind can be howling and the next the sun can be blazing – can leave you in a bit of a tizzy when it comes to feeling comfortable about whether your child might be too hot or too cold at night. The seasons can change in a flash, but the beauty of sleep sacks is that they come with an easy to navigate tog guide as to what your child should be wearing at any given temperature. This means that you can put your child in the right sleep sack at the right time, switching up as necessary as our erratic weather dictates, without having to worry about weather they are potentially roasting or freezing.

2. They don’t come off in the middle of the night like a duvet!

If you have a real fidgeter on your hands who likes to get into a whole host of positions at night (which my resident toddler certainly does!) then the beauty of a sleep sack is that it stays on no matter what position they manage to get themselves into. For already tired parents, it gives us all the chance to get a better night’s sleep, rather than having to rush in at some unseemly hour to replace a duvet that’s been thrown off by some midnight breakdancing, or that’s slinked off at the crack of dawn.  Or worse still – having a cheeky toddler that’s slipped out from under their duvet, climbed out of their cot, and woken up their unsuspecting parents with a little moonlight visit.

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3. They reduce the risk of SIDS

For children between the ages of up to one year, the threat of SIDS is a very real one and the number one culprit is more often found to be a blanket or bedding item that has gone astray and got tangled up with their little one. The beauty of sleep sacks is that they give your little one enough freedom to move around, but whilst removing the likelihood of getting caught up with bedding and with it, suffocation. The peace of mind using a sleep sack brings with it is in my humble opinion, priceless.

4. They can make up an important part of the bedtime routine

In our house, putting on a sleep sack has very much become part of the bedtime ritual. Once it’s on, it only means one thing – bedtime and snuggles. Our little girl loves to snuggle up in her sleep sack having been accustomed to being in one for as long as she (and I!) can remember, and very much looks forward to the lovely warm comfort and security it gives, priming her for a sound night’s sleep.

benefits of using a sleep sac

5. They are a good investment

Beyond the first 12 months when everything seems to be grown out of in a blink of an eye, a decent sleep sack will usually last for a good one, two or sometimes even three year stretch, often being adjustable for the growth spurts that come to call during those periods. For that – and all the above reasons – given that you use them every night, they represent good value.

Obviously being such a sleep sack enthusiast, I have been around the block when it comes to trying different sleep sacks. That is until I discovered my favourite – Slumbersac. If you haven’t heard of this brand before, let me tell you why I love them. Not only are they a better price point than most other ones I have tried (prices range from £13.99- £34.99), they are also made of a lovely soft fabric which feels far more comfy than some others on the market, and they even come in muslin for a super soft munchkin sleeping experience.

I also tend to find some other sleep sack designs rather garish, and I love Slumbersac’s more mellow designs – think owls, stars, forests, giraffes and teddies. Best yet is that they are a UK owned, family-run business started by a mum who wanted the same thing we all want – a good night’s sleep for the whole family. And the last reason I love them? Well, two actually. One – their year round sleep sleeping bags which are truly great value and two – their new sleep sacks with feet which allow your little ones to waddle around in comfort before popping their feet inside when it’s sleepy time. Pure genius!


Thank goodness then that Slumbersac comes in sizes up to 10 years old. Hoorray! We have at least another six and half years of Slumbersac to enjoy in this house then.

*This post is in collaboration with Slumbersac. All opinions are my own.



  1. A fab post, we also love sleeping bags! I’ve not heard of his make before, off to have a look as those little feet sticking out are just SO cute!

  2. We’ve ended up using a sleep sack almost by accident after being given one, and they’re brilliant. Love the idea of ones with feet in them, sometimes on a cold morning I like to leave my baby in his sleep sack till the heating kicks in but it looks a bit cumbersome to crawl around in 🙂

  3. We used these for the Tubblet and they were great. When the Tubblet was tiny, she had a cot that rocked. She worked out that if she banged her feet the cot would rock and the noise would let us know she was awake and service would arrive. She looked like a giant slug. (I have just said my child looked like a slug. Straight to mummy hell for me!)

  4. Oh my gosh I am so glad I found this! I haven’t been able to find any sleep sacks for over 18 months and was panicking about having to think about a duvet! We love sleep sacks in our house, perfect for my little wriggle bum #fartglitter

  5. I never realised you could get them with feet, I’m torn though as it’s really cute watching the wee man waddling around in his sleep sack. These are a great invention though, my boy hated being swaddled, he tosses and turns a lot so threw off blankets, these solved a lot of our problems!

    • To be honest I would say, stick with the ones you’ve got until you have an issue – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! When they really need to start walking around in them, then you can switch it up…

  6. Oh, I miss sleep sacks! Archie used one for just over a year and then we had to swap to a duvet because he kept trying to stand whilst wearing it and falling over, but now he’s constantly kicking that duvet off. Absolutely love the one you can pop the legs out of! Thanks for linking up to Marvellous Mondays, hope to see you again next week! Kaye xo #MarvMondays

    • LOL we persevered and my daughter has become an expert in standing in them – which has its pros and cons. I am so fearful of the whole night time duvet kicking off thing. Maybe you should give the leg ones a go? They can do pretty much anything in those ones! x

  7. I’m so glad you posted this as I’m considering buying a sleep sack, I wasn’t sure if they were actually helpful and, in a weird way, it somewhat feels like they are trapped in there! : ) Anyway, going to go search online and find one and try it out in the next couple weeks (currently 39 weeks preggo)! #fartglitter

  8. I couldn’t agree more! I adore sleep sacks and always used them when my little man was tiny. I never thought to continue them into toddler years though – maybe I’ll do this next time 🙂 #coolmumclub

  9. Totally loved them, too! I swaddled and swaddled and swaddled with my first, and popped my second straight in to one. Kinda glad I am through with them now. My babies are growing up!!! #coolmumclub

  10. Everyone in Netherlands uses these! I loved them and had lots for The boys they always looked so cute and cosy. I really like that last one for toddlers with feet in. My boys mastered the shuffle walk in their sacks but this would have been loads easier and safer x #coolmumclub

  11. We’ve used sleep sacks from the start too. They’re wonderful. I’d love to sleep in one myself… they always look so cosy and snug! 🙂 #coolmumclub

  12. Little Miss A used to love her sleep sack, but now she’s more of a duvet or blanket girl.
    Master J hasn’t yet got into sleep suits but I do find that the few times I’ve put him in one, his arms and hands get cold 🙁 Not sure what the solution is to that, but I love sleep sacks – they’re so handy.

  13. We haven’t tried the Slumbersacs but I love the idea of them being able to walk in them! Genius! 1 question – don’t their feet get cold? #coolmumclub

  14. I love the reassurance that sleep sacks give me that I will not be woken up in the night by a ‘I’m cold mummy’. It’s never happened. They are also great for us when we are away in our caravan. They are so much easier to pack and wash then a toddler duvet #coolmumclub

  15. I used sleep sack for both my kids too when they’re still little and I loved it, it made me confident that they remain well wrapped up even in the middle of the night. Great post and lovely photos too! #coolmumclub

  16. I’m terrified of using anything other than a sleeping sack in case they pull it over their face! The only thing I get slightly worried about is that their little arms get cold so I resort to a cardi on top which I’m not sure is reccommended….. #coolmumclub

  17. We love sleep sacks in the Lighty household too! Didn’t realise that you can get them up to age 10, or with feet, so thank you for that tip! Also thank you for hosting #coolmumclub 🙂

  18. I couldn’t imagine using anything but sleepsacks. The thought of putting him under sheets/duvet fills me with dread, specially as my sprog is a front sleeper. He can flip so easily with a sleepsack, but he’d get in a muddle with sheets. Thanks for hosting the wonderful #coolmumclub

  19. There’s definitely nothing not to love about a sleep sack! My boys love theirs, and they are perfect for peace of mind. But I thought my eldest was old, still being in one at 3, I didn’t realise you could get them up to 10 years old! Because he’s definitely not ready for a duvet yet, he keeps resisting, and we scoured a lot of the popular childrens retailers to find one that went up to age 3, so I will have to have a look at this brand!

  20. Lovely post. I never used a sleep sack but when I have another baby I definitely am going too. My little one hates a blanket or quilt so I don’t think this would keep her very happy. Thanks for an interesting read! #coolmumclub

  21. Im going to sound like a really old person now, but how I wish these had been around (or I had been aware of them) when my boys were kids. They were forever losing their covers then getting cold.
    I could do with an adult version for watching the telly too.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

    • They really are a brilliant invention and mums these days are so lucky to have them. I agree though, a think there is a business case for an adult version too! x

  22. Completely agree, sleep sacks are THE best option and give so much more peace of mind than covers. The slumber sac with feet is an absolutely fantastic idea and look so adorable. I had no idea there was a company making them up to age 10. Really good to know.

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