The secrets you don’t know about the problem with Instagram

problem with instagram

To the ordinary user, Instagram has just become another social media platform to waste hours and hours scrolling down and having your life flooded by a constant feeling of FOMO. But I’m going to let you into another secret about the problem with Instagram…..

It has become Wild West of social media!

We all know that Instagram is riddled with pointless selfies, trolls, stupid challenges, failure to load images and Facebook cranking the wheels of the algorithm so that nobody sees your posts….ever.

But things actually get much worse than that. The problem with Instagram is that there are a lot of bad things that have been on it lately. And I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian’s bottom.

Stealing people’s photos and posting them in seedy forums

First, fellow parenting blogger DIY Daddy had someone steal photos of his children via Instagram and post them in some very seedy chatrooms. All apparently just for kicks. There are some sick people out there! You can read in detail about his horrible experience here.

Personally, I’ve always been very wary of the front-on photos I post of my daughter on Instagram and for a long time, I wondered whether I was being over-cautious. But now I know I’m definitely not.

Being held at ransom

Next, family and lifestyle blogger Cuddle Fairy had her account held at ransom unless she paid the asking price within an allotted time. What did she do? Well, of course, she didn’t give in! You can read all about her hacker story and how you can prevent the same thing happening to you here.

Now she’s working hard on building her new account from the ground up so do give her a follow as a show of support here.

Fake followers en mass

And finally, recently other people have been plagued with hundreds of fake Russian followers following them each day – god only knows why. Like some sick joke they are now spending hours on end trying to get rid of these bogus followers, only to find that a new batch has popped up again the next day.

Remember way back when…

Is it me or is there something horribly wrong with the world that this sort of stuff is happening on Instagram?! Remember when Instagram was everyone’s social media happy place? I can’t help but feel that since Facebook has got its hands on it it has crushed and sucked all the goodness out it. Not only that, it seems to have become a converging point for a lot of people with bad intentions.

Yes, I applaud Instagram’s recent trial of removing like counts, but the problem with Instagram goes wayyyy beyond that – because there are many more issues that need addressing.

It’s the Wild West out there, so be careful not to get caught up in the shootout, okay?

Have you heard of similar stories to the above? Or is the problem with Instagram outline above new to you? Do share in a comment below.



  1. Wow I had no idea about many of these issues! I am also pretty cautious with how much I show of my children on Instagram and now I’m glad I am 🙂

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