Things to do in Bali with kids

Things to do in Bali with kids

When we lived in Singapore, we were so lucky to have had Bali practically on our doorstep. Fast forward almost six years later and here we are back in the UK with a little one. And here we are dreaming that one day we will be able to do all the wonderful things to do in Bali with kids that there are.

Having been to Bali a few times and fallen in love with it, today I’ve teamed up with Villa Finder to share the best things to do in Bali with kids. I really hope one day we will be able to return to do all of these!

Villa Finder is a Bali villa specialist with a dedicated team to help you find the right spot for your villa holiday. Whether you want to visit for the beach, the restaurants, culture, yoga, rice paddies, or of course the family-friendly activities which I’m highlighting below, they can help you find the perfect Seminyak villa you need.

Best things to do in Bali with kids

Learn to surf

Bali is all about the surf, but thankfully you don’t need to be a surf pro to ride those waves. There are loads of fab surf spots in Bali for children too! From Kuta Beach – Bali’s most iconic surf spot to the hip destination beach that is Canggu – there are lots of surf schools that cater for children. Seeing as you’re in the Asia’s surfing capital….well, it would be rude not to!

things to do in bali with kids

Go on a safari

Home to over a thousand amazing animals – Bali Safari Park is your destination for an adventurous, fun, educational experience. The park is home to animals representing more than 100 species, including rare and endangered species. Here you will find Komodo Dragons, Orangutans and the Bali Mynah bird. Children will love their Elephant Back and Night Safaris and you can even have breakfast with the lions!

Splash about at Waterborn Bali

Exciting water slides slicing through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment? What water loving child wouldn’t love this! Named in 2018 as the number one waterpark in Asia by Trip Advisor, expect world class rides with something to suit everyone at Waterborn Bali.Whether they prefer drifting along the Lazy River, hurtling down the Green Viper or simply swimming up to the bar for us tired parents!

Go rafting on Ayung River

Take note – this is not white water but simply river rafting – a more gentle version better suited to children. If a lazy river adventure as opposed to a white knuckle experience is what you’re looking for, than going rafting on Ayung River is a great option for fun with all the family.

Be awed by butterflies at Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Enjoy the unique pleasure of watching the most beautiful, brightly colored butterflies in an exotic landscape of tropical blossom. At Kemenuh Butterfly Park you can freely roam through flowering garden enclosures to admire nature’s artistry. Be bedazzled by over 500 butterflies as you meander through the expansive enclosure.

Swing like Tarzan at Bali Treetop Adventure Park

No excuses on this one! Bali Treetop Adventure Park is accessible to all whatever their level of agility or experience. With seven adventure circuits running from tree to tree and a whopping 72 challenges Expect suspended bridges, spider nets, Tarzan jumps, flying fox zip line, flying swings and much more – both children and adults alike will be able to get their adrenaline fix here.

Get up close with monkeys at Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

I thought a lot about including this. Although this is an amazing experience, a visit to the monkey forest in Ubud should done with great caution. That said, I still feel this is an amazing experience for children under close supervision of adults.

Be warned – the monkeys here are extremely bold so do not bring anything with you that you don’t want to get taken. These monkeys will get their hands on anything!

I personally would not recommend buying the bananas especially with when visiting with children. The monkeys can be unpredictable without them but with them, well that’s another story!

best things to do Bali with kids

So there you have it, my recommendation of the best things to do in Bali with kids. If you’re planning a family holiday there and have stumbled upon this then you lucky things! You are going to have the most amazing time in beautiful Bali. Enjoy!


photo credits: rikpiks Heading Out Surfing via photopin (license) / Waterborn Bali / D.Meutia Monkey of the Monkey Forest Temple, Ubud – Bali 1 via photopin (license)

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  1. When we lived in Australia we went to Bali and loved it, especially Ubud.
    I would love to go back there with my little boy now but it’s so far from England! Maybe one day 🙂

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