Tips and tricks to take better videos of your children

videos of your children

Are you trying to take videos of your children and some of the antics they get up to – but finding they are not turning out how you’d like them to? The fact of the matter is that recording videos of kids is challenging, especially if you aren’t that experienced.

The good news is that there are several tips and tricks  you can use when you take videos of your children so have a better end result. Here they are!

Increase the frame rate that you record in

One of the most important settings on your video camera when you’re recording videos of kids is the frame rate. A higher frame rate will make movement look more fluid, and so videos where your kids are actively running around and playing will look much better.

Try to record at 60 frames per second if possible, or as high as you can if not.

Don’t run around with your kids

Although it may seem like a good idea to grab your video camera and follow the action by running around with your kids – don’t. All that you’ll end up with if you do that is a shaky video that has lots of focus issues and doesn’t look great at all.

Instead of following your kids around, try to set up your camera to capture a particular areas. At most you may want to pan the camera steadily to follow their movement.

Record videos when your kids are engaged with an activity

Try to get your kids engaged in an activity before you start to record the video. That way their attention will be on the activity, and not on the fact that you’re standing there with your camera. Overall you should be able to record videos that look a lot more natural if you do this.

Get down to their level

To record more compelling videos of your kids, you should get down to their level. In other words instead of recording at your eye-level and mostly getting a really good view of the top of their heads, you should get down to their eye-level.

Try lying prone on the floor or crouching, but be sure it is in a position that you can hold for some time.

Make sure the lighting is good

As far as possible try to make sure that there’s plenty of light when you record videos. If you’re outdoors you should try to avoid recording under direct bright sunlight, whereas if you’re indoors you should avoid lighting that flickers – such as fluorescent lighting.

The best light to record videos of your kids is soft light that is diffused and doesn’t cause any hard shadows.

How to take better videos of your children

Take steps to record better audio

If you want to keep the audio that you record, you need to take steps to record better audio in the first place. The fact of the matter is that the built-in microphones on most cameras isn’t that great, so the first thing you’ll want to do is get a decent external microphone instead.

While the tips above will let you record better videos of your kids, it will help a lot if you are able to make small adjustments and improve it afterwards. For example you may want to try using Movavi Video Editor to merge videos, trim out unwanted parts, tweak the colors, and so on.

All in all you should be able to record far more compelling videos of your kids if you follow all the tips listed above. As you can see it isn’t rocket science – but it does require you to use the right approach.

I hope these tips will help you when you take videos of your children – and that you will have some lovely videos and memories to look back on time and time again!

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  1. Thanks for sharing there is nothing more priceless than being able to look back at childhood memories that have been recorded by photo or video.

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