30 priceless moments of parenthood


What is it that keeps us going in this crazy ride that is parenthood? In-between the tantrums, tears and need to hide in the cupboard and scream are some amazing every day moments that make our hearts melt and give us the strength and courage to march on another day. It is these highs that outweigh the lows, these beautiful everyday moments that we wouldn’t want to change for the world, that we have sacrificed so much for. It is these priceless moments of parenthood that make the magic happen. It is the first time they…

  1. Walk

2. Smile

3. Cuddle you

4. Tell you they “love you”

5. Put their shoes on by themselves

6. Sing you happy birthday

7. Give YOU a bath

8. Delight in being on a swing

9. Gift you a flower

10. REALLY get the hang of being on a scooter

11. Master the art of blowing bubbles

12. Pretend to be your doctor

13. Count to 10

14. and then 20….

15. Say their ABCs

16. String a sentence together

17. Chase a butterfly

18. Splash in a puddle

19. Fall asleep in your arms and take up half your body length

20. Make you a pretend cup of tea

21. Pick up seashells on a beach with you

22. Go on a pony ride

23. Brave the zipwire without you

24. Finish their first puzzle

25. Dance with abandon

26. Get dressed all by themselves

27. Discover the delights in being tickled

28. Tell on daddy

29. Let their imagination run wild

30. Play the joker

and every time after that. These are the reasons why we do it. These and so many more. These are the things that bring us back from the brink of insanity. And these are the moments we live for.

What have been your priceless moments in parenthood that outweigh all the tough times? Do leave a comment and add to this list.

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  1. This is so true! My favourite moment ever was when my three eldest came to the hospital to meet our youngest. That first moment of all four of them being together has been my favourite thing ever! #coolmumclub

  2. Gorgeous….can I add the moment your tantrumming toddler falls into a blissful, peaceful slumber after a tearful apology. Yep, loving that dream this evening…

  3. I laugh at funny pieces about saggy boobs, sympathise with sad mamas and join in with fun debates but NOTHING beats reading a lovely, positive piece like this. No, it isn’t always amazing (sometimes it’s downright shit) but I fundamentally LOVE being a mama and I think we should celebrate this awesome gift!

  4. Reading these just bought a tear to my eye thinking about how quick my two babies are growing! They amaze me daily and every moment them is so precious! Lovely post #CooolMumClub

  5. The awww….moments. I love it when my daughter “does” my hair as we chat. Or when any of my children put their hand in mine very willingly and they’re the one helping me across the road or when one of my children shares their cake with me. Yes, it does happen and I know I have hit the jackpot when they do that! #coolmumclub

  6. I am looking forward to every single one of these! I got made a pretend cuppa this week which I obviously thought was the sweetest thing ever. It can be so easy to talk about the challenges, but we love it really – and these are the reasons why #coolmumclub x

  7. What a beautiful post! It’s so important to take a moment to focus on the wonderful, positive parts of parenting (especially on those super stressful days!). Thanks for sharing 🙂 #coolmumclub

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